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anyone know if we are able to obtain a visa at the border please.  Had originally thought we had to obtain before leaving the UK but if we get one through travcour the £40 visa becomes £80 and for 2 of us seems expensive way of doing it?  Does anyone know if we can turn up at the High Commission? Have listened to their phone message giving the requirements  but does not actually say we can just turn up there?

Phoned  Travel & Tourism company and they have told me there is no problem to obtain at border and would recommend that?  Any comments or advice please. Many thanks


Hi there,

 I am coming on this trip too - looking forward to it!  I got my visa for Mozambique at the High Commission last week - took my passport and other details (completed form from the website, passport photos, flight details, itinerary etc) in on Tuesday morning and picked it up on Friday without any problems.

 I was planning on getting my Zimbabwe visa at the border - is that what you are planning on doing (I don't want to be the only one holding us up!).



I should have said that the Mozambique High commission is open on weekdays from 9.30am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm. You can turn up at any point within these times without making an appointment.

Hi Pat and John, Mozambique visas are obtainable at the Mozambique border for approximately 610 Rand per person. However the UK Foreign Office does advise that there are reports of long delays to this process. We do therefore suggest that passengers obtain their visa prior to their departure. You can obtain your visa in person or via Royal Mail from the Mozambique High Commission with the appropriate form from the Commissions website, plus 2 passport sized photographs. The address for the Mozambique High Commission is 21 Fitzroy Square, London, W1P 5HJ (0207 383 3800) and is open between 0930am and 1300pm.  You can of course use the services of Travcour, but they will charge for their services in obtaining the visa for you. Kind regards, Tom Bowring - Exodus Customer Operations



Just booked for the same trip, fingers crossed I have completed our forms correctly in terms of the Mozambique Visas which we have sent off for by post. We are leaving the Zimbabwe ones until we cross the border as the notes indicate this should be okay so Lizzie, you won't be the only one holding things up. 



Hi everyone. Yep will be getting the zimbabwe visas at the border - shouldnt be a problem.

We are living in Kent and travelling back to London to get visa could be difficult in office times and expensive.  But hey may think about it now after your comments! So if we go up there with all the relevant docs then could get on the same day?   Think we will have to do that rather than hold you guys up lol ! Thanks everyone

So Hi Malcolm and Lizzie.  Its getting very close now and have only just booked so lots to sort out.  Cant wait!!! it looks like a great trip.

When we booked last week, was told there was 11 of us. or maybe 12 if you just booked too Malcolm?



now for the good bit....packing...........what shall I can tell we are excited eh?


see you at departure gate Heathrow on 14th 



Hi Pat & John

When we booked, I was told we made it 13 people on the trip with one other still holding an option. Hopefully I have sorted the Mozambique Visas by post as couldn't get time off from work to do this personally but leaving to the last minute means no time to sort any others.

Plenty to do as still have sleeping bags etc to sort out as we are starting from scratch camping wise. Clothes at least for me if not Julie are the easy bit!



Have decided to try to get a quick trip up to London on Tuesday now to get the Mozambique visas - just to make sure we have no problem at border.

Thanks everyone and see you very soon

Pat and John 


Went to London Tuesday and guess what? they were closed!!! 

Managed another trip on Wednesday luckily and left the papers with them. Will be posted Monday fingers crossed as they have our passports now.....will feel bit more relaxed once in our hands again tho!



Hullo there

I plan to get mozambique visa before I go. Tried Zimbabe High Commission website  for Zim visa but couldn't get it to work. So if most of you are getting yours at the border I will too.

Look forward to meeting you all


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