MT Toubkal Climb 18th September 2011 - Anyone else on this trip?

Just wondered if anyone else was booked on this trip?


Booked yesterday. Never done any trekking so really looking forward to it!

 I'm another Liam so at least there's no excuse to forget someones name!


Hi there Liams ! I am booked on this trip - I will be over on the west coast Essaouira before the trip. I have hiked a lot around Ireland and EU. This should be great. Siobhan 


Hi Siobhan and Liam. Thats at least 3 of us going then! Either of you been with exodus before?


I did the Lycian Activity week last October myself although have friends that have been all over the world with exodus and are highly complimentary.

I recommend that trip to anyone that likes a bit of everything or wants to try something new


Hi there

this will be my first time with exodus - so really looking forward to it. I guess we will hear about more people closer to the departure date. Siobhan


Myself and my daughter..

2nd Exodus trek for us, 1str trip was to Peru which was very well organised.

Did Everest Base Camp earlier this yewar witha different company, a tremedous ecperience


I am booked on this trip too. Never done any trips like this before so really, really looking forward to it! All my friends who have travelled with Exodus can't rate them highly enough. Should be a good week.



Is anyone doing any particular training/ prep for the trip? I wouldn't class myself as a walker although have been heading into the Peak District most weekends for a bit of training!


No, I have done very little in the way of walking training but I do run regularly. Don't think this type of activity transfers particularly well to high altitudes though. Expecting to find the high climbs really tough! What about everyone else?


All i'm trying to do is get the body accustomed to walking at present. I'm primarily a cyclist (you'd never guess from the pic!) which means walking provides very different stresses and strains. I've even bought a set of walking poles in the hope they provide some assistance and additional joint support. Although it's led to a bit of ridicule among friends for a 28 yr old man using a 'walking stick'!


I did quite a bit of training before the Everest Base Camp trip in April, in particular going up lots of steps. Since then I've done very little other than walking the dog. Above 3000 meters you have to do everything very very slowly, even walking on the flat, especially when you start out, so I don't think you put as much stress and strain on your joints and muscles as here. Aerobic exercise is what is needed along with high levels of stamina.

I've found the best way to approach the high altitude climbs is with a slow consistent head down mechanical (almost metronome) approach. Also something like "Stairway to Heaven" on the Ipod helps!

Oh! the walking poles are great both ascending and descending, so ignore the ridicule!  Infact my 26 year old daughter has just discovered them and found them great in the Lakes a few weeks ago, so there should be at least 3 of us with poles!



Hi all - I'm booked on this trip as well and really looking forward to it. This is my first trip with Exodus and they seem to have a good reputation. Have done some hiking before but not much at high altitude.

I'm a relatively new convert to walking poles so I'll be bringing mine with me! 


I'm on this trip as well... can't wait! I keep promising myself a holiday that involves some sitting down & relaxing, but that seems to go against my nature ;)

I'm bringing walking poles too, if I can borrow some. Used them on the inca trail and they were great, seemed to help with getting into a rhythm.

Look forward to meeting everyone, and to lots of laughs on the trip!


Hi everyone, I think I've counted 7 people on this particular chain so far - I make no. 8! I know the trip is full as I got the last place a few weeks ago. I have done a few Exodus trips before (and lots of Explore trips and others) and they just really suit me - I recommend them all the time!!

On the poles front, I echo both jenni and rspittles - definitely a good idea.

Looking forward to meeting you all in a couple of weeks time


Just a thought but is everyone flying in from London? I'm getting a flight at stupid o'clock in the morning from east midlands, anyone else or is it just me up north?


Wen are on the BMI 11:00am flight out of Heathrow, anyone else on this one?


East Midlands would have been ideal for me =-( I wasn't given that option and will drive past it on the way to down to Heathrow.

I presume it'll be a case of looking for exodus bags and saying hello.

Out of curosity would it be worthwhile all meeting up pre check in? Or airside in a particular bar or seating area? I've never flown from heathrow myself so don't really know the terminal


I booked the flight myself with ryanair, east midlands is always great airport to fly from as you can park right next to the terminal and the m1 is usually fairly clear heading down. Guess I'll just keep eye out for the bags!


I'm on the BMI flight from Heathrow - I'm travelling from Bristol on Saturday and staying over near the airport.

Will probably aim to get to check-in around 9:00am so I'll watch out for the bags!


A two hour(ish) drive from Nottingham to Heathrow isn't really a big issue tho.

You can't miss the kit bags!! The only issue will be establishing which one's who's bag- I'm thinking some kind of colour or strapping/ribbon might simplify that.


As I booked fairly late I just got took the Heathrow flights too, but I'm in Nuneaton so East Midlands would have been great!! Ah well, at least the M40 should be quiet early on a Sunday morning!

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