Mt Toubkal long weekend, who else is going?

Hello Guys,

 I'm all booked up for the Mt Toubkal climb long weekend, 16th - 20th June. Im travelling alone and would be great to hear from any fellow travellers.

 Vicky :-) 


Hello Vicky,

Me (Jonathan) and my friend Tom will be joining you! 

Am having a last minute 'Do I need new boots?' drama at the moment!

Will update the old profile at some point soon!


Hey :-)

great to hear from you, not long now hey? So i guess by now you have heard all about the flight changes? eeeek! bit troublesome on my part as i have connecting flights booked, im sure ill sort something. 

So are you both on the group flight?



Yes we are on the group flight. Have you done many other exodus trips?

Trying to figure out the kit bag, I was hoping to get away with one bag, too used to not having porters I suppose!



I recognise those last minute anxietys oh so well. i have only just returned from a mt kilimanjaro climb, feb this yr with exodus. You will need your kit bag and a day bag. the day bag the one you carry for the days walk, the kit bag meets you at the 'camp' (so to speak). Dont rely on putting everything in your own day bag as you are forced to drink loads of water (which usually takes up all of your space).

As for the boots i would go with the old ones as you don't really have enough time to wear in a new pair.

Have you recieved your kit bag yet? 

Think i have managed to sort out my flights now, so i will be on the gatwick group flight afterall :-) so i guess ill see you guys at the airport. Be sure to put your exodus 'lugage lable for life' on your hand luggage so we can all find each other out. Look forward to meeting you both.



Sorry for not getting back earlier! Thanks for pointing out what to do with the kit bag!

I got both of ours last week, I think I have decided to stick with the old boots. Now that I have re-read the programme I see I have only one massive day of walking at cooler temperatures at altitude. (They are black and goretex lined, I was worried about boiling my feet)

 How did you get on with AMS risk on Kili?

I shall investigate a place air-side at Gatwick to meet. :)




Do you have a facebook or youtube account? Might be easier to keep in touch n swap info.

FB 'vicky ann jones' (but you will never find me cause apparently there are loads of me :-/)

Although, i do have a channel on youtube which is easy to find 'vickytaff1', you may wish to have a look as i make videos as a hobby. I video all of my climbs, including kilimanjaro one with exodus. I plan to do the same for our toubkal ascent.

Not long now :-D



Photos are all safe and sound on my laptop.  will burn em tonight.  What a great trip and a wonderful group to be with.  We had a blast,  I hope all enjoyed it as much as I did. Will have to do a bigger one next time (I wonder where!!) Looking forward to the vid and other great pics of me... (I didnt say that as I remember!)

Waved my fellow guest off, I was in Jamma el Fna (Big Crazzzzy Square) when the easyjet plane went over.

Thanks all for putting up with me.

P. x




Hello Paul,

I had such a fantastic time, i thnik we all did and we could not have asked for a better group of people. I have not yet got home due to lack of car but as soon as i do i will be emailing all details to you. Im itching to get started on the video. footage is brilliant. It was sad to say goodbye. You will be pleased to hear i have stopped talking peoples ears off about killi... im now telling our adventure storys instead.

Keep in touch, ill sort you some sponsorship when i get home too.

Vicky :-) 

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