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Mt Toubkal Winter Climb 20 Dec - Getting Excited Yet?

Is there anybody out there doing this one?

I'm torn between getting really excited & getting really nervous - either way this should be a really different way to spend christmas...i'm not sure about shopping for the thermal undies though!



Hey man,

I'm not going but I went a couple of years ago. It was sooo good! Not sur ewhat you're planning around it but I'd recommend trying to have a couple of days exploring Marrakech yourself as most of the fun is getting lost and just wandering. The tour they take you on is fine, but doesn't really get you into it, if you know what I mean?

The hike and climb up Toubkal is fantastic, though!

Have fun!



Hi Pip - yeah I thought it was a bit of a bargain holiday until I read the £3k kit list. anyway here is my master plan - I'm not buying a down coat as all the people in the photos have regular hiking stuff on (fleece & waterpoofs etc). I have bought mountain boots and do need to get some other stuff, but I'm gonna beg borrow & steal the ice axe & crampons etc. Ebay looks like a good bet if you are buying. Still you know the old boys used to do this sort of thing in hobnail boots & tweed jackets, so i reckon we'll live. The only problem I have now is how to fit it all in that kit bag they sent us!
See ya Spencer


Thanks for that. I was thinking by the time I'd put on thermals, a few base layers, a fleece and an anorak, I'd be warm even if unable to actually move! Unfortunately, although a lot of my friends go trekking, they dont climb, so willing loanees (?) are thin on the ground. Plus my local outdoor pursuit shop is way more expensive than the prices quoted by Exodus. Definitely internet + ebay exploration required. 

I havent got to the trial packing yet. I'm more worried about actually lifting the bag off the floor!



Really looking forward to the trip, thermals packed! I will be travelling down to Heathrow from Kegworth (j24 m1) if anyone is en-route & would like a lift?



hello Paul sounds like you have a bit longer journey than me. i'm in bracknell just a little way south west of heathrow so completely the opposite direction. You ever done anything like this before?? I do a lot of climbing, mountain biking and occaisional caving, but this sort of trek is pretty new. I really need to find some hills to walk up in the next few weeks!




Hello Spencer,

 Have done a number of treks, but only really started doing winter-walking in the last 3/4yrs. I try to get a couple of trips up to Scotland & The Lakes each winter to get out in the elements. Being so close to the Peak-District means that i get up there walking whenever i get chance too. Looking forward to spending xmas in the clear mountain air & hopefully with some ice/snow....




OK you guys are scaring me!

Although I've done quite a lot of trekking, my experience of ice, climbing and the white stuff, is limited to snow balls and sledging on a teatray! As I live in a village 8 miles west of Stamford, I'm not sure I'm going to find many hills or much snow in the next 3 weeks.



I'm on the 26 Dec departure, but thought I'd mention you don't have to buy equipment. You can hire the crampons and ice axe from Trek Hire UK (£30 I think) and in fact you can arrange with them for the equipment to be delivered/picked up from our hotel in Marrakech.

Spencer - their shop is in Shere, so less than an hour away (I'm in Bracknell too) if you'd rather pick them up in the UK.

Hope you guys have a fab time; I shall keep my fingers crossed for snow for both our departures!


Pleased to see you have all "met" up. I suspect that being behind on the electronic conversation sets the tone for the trip. However I am ahead on the packing front - thermals and boots in the bag ready to go. See you at Heathrow in slightly over 1 week provided the snow holds off next weekend as I have to make it down from the frozen north!



Fashionably late on the email trail Sarah, as long as you make it to the airport on time eh. I'm actually thiking about UN packing my thermals to keep me warm during this cold snap. Meanwhile wondering whether my training regime should have involved more than just walking to work. never mind I can always stay behind and have a snowball fight with Pip if it gets too demanding.

See you soon


I have given in to the panic of chillblanes and frostbite and brought the down jacket, although I agree with the sentiment that, the jacket and the thermals might get christened in the next few days!

Does anyone have any good experiences of cheap parking at T4?

So far I'm going for PurpleParking as they seem the cheapest and best organised on the net. But they would say that wouldnt they!



Pip, i am too looking at options for parking. I actually found a room at the Marriot for saturday night that includes parking for £60! However, i shall probably travel down sunday am. I see from your post that you are near rutland, which is'nt too far from me if you were interested in a car share?



I travel quite a lot for business and always use purple parking. Their chauffer service (just leave the car at the front door of the airport) is great, but since this is my own money (and the kit list is horrendous) I will be slumming it and trying their regular park & ride option!

Hi everyone

I did Toubkall in October and it was stunning . Lots s of scree and hard on the legs but no snow. The views are outstanding  

Be prepared there is no beer anywherre in marakech   

I echo the thoughts of the other blogger make time for the Souks


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the offer.

At the moment I'm hoping to get a friend to take me. I'll know tomorrow, if the friend can't, I'll come back to you + look at the share option.




I'm also on the 20th December departure - really looking forward to it, especially as a couple of friends have been to Marrakesh and loved it.


Feels like Mt Toukbal could be warmer than London at the moment. If the weather carries on like this I'll be able to try out my new crampons in Battersea park...


See you all soon (maybe at Heathrow?)





No Beer in Marrakesh? what a horrible thing to say :-( Well maybe this will be the first Christmas in history that I actually loose weight!

So I have a cunning plan - I think I will be aiming for the Bridge Bar (after security to maximise chances of actually catching the flight) at Heathrow when i'm all checked in to make sure I squeeze in a quick beer before we get there.  I will be wearing my favourite batman t shirt, so maybe see some of you there.

Cheers Spencer


Hi Paul

My friend has had lazer eye treatment so I think the chances of him wanting to drive to Heathrow on Sunday is extremely unlikely, so a car share would be great.

Is there anyway you could drive to my house and then we could drive to the airport in my car, leaving your car at my house? I assure you, I'm a really bad passenger!




Hi Pip, that sounds great. If you would like to either send me an email or call to arrange times etc? I am just about to head out to work and am unable to answer the phone whilst there, but if you leave a message i will get back to you. I understand that there is a lot of snow out your way today, so a chance to test the kit!

[email protected]   mob-07743815135 home-01509670320




I might be the slowest in the group, but after the 10 inches of snow today, my snowball throwing technique is excellent!


Think this is the heaviest bag I've ever packed for a trip... Anyway,  looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow - Spencer, I'll look out for you in the Bridge Bar!



Hi guys I am hoping to summit Toubkal first week of December and I was wondering if someone could please give me advice about the mountain and what the winter conditions were. I have experience in mountaineering and once the snow sets in the Pyrenees I'll start my proper training. Aside from that, I just need to kno what to anticipate. I guess I'm afraid most of bad weather... Any piece of advice is greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.

[email protected]

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