Mt Toubkal Winter Climb, 27 Feb

Hi-ya, anyone else going on the Mt Toubkal Winter Climb departing 27 Feb? I was supposed to go on this trip on Dec 17 but thanks to Heathrow and all the mess the trip was cancelled... Now I'm even more eager to climb Toubkal! 


Hi there,


I am on that trip, hopefully the weather will be better at Gatwick!


Another potential summiteer signing in! Also rerouted myself onto this trip as others werent guaranteed.

Making my own way down to Marrakech as living down in Spain so will be waiting for you all at the hotel and hoping the weather doesn't interrupt anyone's plans.

Happy New Year



Top Tip, bring ear plugs - I've been told I snore (never heard it myself though)


Hope you're all well.  I'm at the apprehensive, nervous stage coupled with being flat out in work, so I havn't got to the excitement stage yet.  This is fairly normal.  I'm making my own way there- Belfast-Gatwick, Gatwick-Marrakech.  John

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