MUC - Who else is coming ?

Anybody started training yet?

Hi Sean, yes 2 here on that trip. Looks amazing. Haven't been on the bike much at all this year, but am trying to do 30 minutes cardio most days on a cross-trainer. But I think any benefit is cancelled out with beer! Have you done a cycling trip before? First one here, but did do Vietnam with Exodus a few years back.



Rod, we've done several trips with exodus including 2 cycling trips (Jordan/Morocco) but this is our first 2 weeker on wheels.  Any exercise prep will be of benefit but try and get some road miles in every now and then.  And, is good!


Rod, have you started doing road miles yet?  Have just done 35 miles which now hurts! Errol.



I booked on this trip a few days ago. Can't wait! This is my first group trip and cycling holiday so am also wondering about training. Going out for a road ride tomorrow. Any training advice welcome as feeling very unfit after too much food and booze over Christmas!!! Looking forward to meeting you all. Lucy

Really looking forward to this now but have been monumentally rubbish in preparation. Still need to get out on the road at least a bit, but have bought a gel saddle cover haha. Are you guys on the group flight? We're going a couple of days early to acclimatise in Miami and getting to Granada a day early. Rod


Any cycling prep will be 'beneficial' and a gel saddle and padded pants will be useful.  If you're not used to cycling you'll still be walking like a cattle rustler for a day or so on the trip!  So join the club! :)  We're not UK based but are going via Heathrow/Miami and get to Managua an hour before the group flight.   Looking forward to meeting you all - Errol & Ally


my wife Liz and I are looking forward to this trip. We usually do a twenty mile ride on Sunday mornings. Liz rides her cyclops during the week.  This is our first trip with exodus

Got on thr bike this morning at last. About 15 miles I think into town and around Buckingham Palace. Reminded me how bad the roads are! Thank god for padded

starting the process of getting things together for the trip and" thinking" about doing some extra miles on the bike to get ready. Looking forward to hearing from others that are going on this trip. Brad

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