My first trek

Booked on my first ever trek and on my own. Decided it was time I had my own adventure and not just share in my children's travel tales. Looking forward to discovering this wonderful place with my fellow travellers


Have a brilliant time!  I hope you will love it as much as I do, and this will be the first of many!  Nepal is the best place on the planet. Emma


Hi Annie. Welcome on board.

This will be my 4th Exodus trip.

Really looking forward to the trip, as will my first time in the Himalaya


Welcome Annie,

Plenty to look forward to now and we will all appreciate it the more when November comes around.

I have travelled a bit elsewhere but this will be my first time in Nepal.

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro a couple of years ago, and found it very tough, but I am hoping the experience  will help this time.

I have a very warm sleeping bag from that trip which was wonderful on the Kili climb but might be a bit overkill for this one. I think I will bring a sleeping bag liner as well and use that if its too hot.

 Are you travelling with the Exodus flight (British Airways) or making your own way independently to Kathmandu?.



When did you climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2011, as I also went with Exodus in February?

Also what are others doing about the Nepal visa. Obtaining beforehand or when arriving in Nepal?


Hi all

Im just back from a week of hiking in the Alps - I had the luxury of great overnight accomodation in a ski resort so it wasnt a total test in all respects -  but I was very happy that I managed the days of long hikes and altitude and the views were amazing! I had to check I was up to this and reckon I am and now I cant wait!

Im borrowing a sleeping bag that has been to Kili so it will be in good company it seems!  

Im  flying with Exodus but with Jet Airways from Heathrow. Anyone else on that flight? I was wondering about the visa... and also malaria..?




I climbed Kili  via the Machame route Autumn 20122 but not with Exodus.

Have not checked the visa situation so thanks for reminding me. I am flying from Dublin so will probably make my own way there and meet the group in Kathmandu. Seems to be good direct flight options with Turkish Airways so I will probably fly in from Istanbul.

From what I have heard we are high enough for malaria not be a concern but best to get more informed advice beforehand.



Hi Annie

I am flying with Jet Airways too.   I will probably obtain my visa upon arrival in Nepal, as this seems to be recommended by Exodus. Still have to check about the health/malaria aspects.

Shall those travelling with Jetstar meet up at Heathrow pre-flight? Anyone know which terminal?

Have to pay balance on 9th September. Will begin to anticipate the trip even more after that


Hii all
Paid the balance today so it's for real now! So excited!
Spoken to exodus and not worrying about malaria and I am getting visa there as it seems dead easy.
Anyone travelling jet airways from heathrow (terminal 4 btw) would be good to meet in departures. Seems like at least Garry and I are. Lets get in touch nearer the time!
Mithril it seems like a good chance to visit Istanbul en route!


Just a thought. Is anyone else adding the Chitwan extension to their trip? I know one other person is going there.


Anyone want to swap mobile numbers to meet preflight at heathrow?
Would be nice to meet up to do transfer together in Delhi
Can't wait to go!

Just read all of the notes above.
I only booked fri 25th Oct and can't believe I am actually going!
This is a dream trip for me and I look forward to meeting you all next Friday / Sat.
Annie, am happy to meet in the departure lounge at Heathrow.
Email me your mobile and I will tex you from my mobile - same applies to anyone else.
My email is [email protected]
See you soon :o)


Hi all.

Only 6 days to go. I am meeting up with one other traveller in Bridges bar/restaurant, if anyone else wants to join us. I am mobile-free, so cannot use that medium of communication. Garry

Anyone else not received a kit bag yet? Nothing for me despite booking 3 months ago. Not re-assured with the response I got when I contacted customer care. I have a good bag myself but I think it's highly likely it will be mis-laid somewhere on rte trip if its not a standard Exodus bag.

I'm a late addition to the trip. I did originally plan to go last April but managed to do some unexpected gymnastics and managed to fracture a wrist. Not a clever idea!

It's my second time in Nepal, I did Everest base camp with Exodus several years ago, a great trip apart from my bag arriving 4 days after me. The Nepalese are lovely people.

My GP says there is no need for anti malaria tablets providing you don't go south of Kathmandu to a lower altitude. Re the visa I got mine in advance last time but it people who got them on arrival seemed to get through the rigmarole of immigration more quickly.

I'm on the Jet flight from Heathrow arriving from Manchester about 16.00hrs so would like to meet others in the group before the Delhi flight. My mobile number is 07747 012 672.

Back to packing. Or should that be panicking over packing?

Will get in touch when through security! Very excited!
07768 443185 or look out for Garry in the bridge wearing a red rose?

Scheduled to arrive from Manchester at about 16.00hrs, BA permitting. Should be contactable some time after that. Not too sure where Bridges is, I normally try to bypass Heathrow. 

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