namibia sept

hi there fellow travellers!

wanting to get in contact with anyone going on the namibia trip in sept (or been on this trip before)

normally do holidays last minute so having this booked so far ahead is great so i can prepare and get excited!!




Hi Claire, My wife and I are travelling on this trip. We have travelled with Exodus before, a trip to Kenya and Zanzibar which we really enjoyed. So much so that we were eager to go to Africa again with Exodus. As I had a thing about Namibia we decided to book this trip as a joint 50th birthday celebration. A friend of mine has been to Namibia (not this trip) and I have seen his photos, they seemed to confirm the trip will be every bit as enjoyable as it looks.

 Gary & Sally


hi all,

I shall be joining you all on this trip.

Third trip to Africa with Exodus and Namibia comes very highly recomended by felow travellers whom I have meet on my travels.

Looking forward to hearing more from you all before our trip.

Regards Terry


Hi Claire.

Don't like to wish the summer away but my wife and I are really looking forward to Namibia in September. We have travelled several times before with Exodus, usually trekking, but fancied something a bit different this time.

 Phil & Julie


hi everyone

 where has the time gone? all of a sudden - getting closer! getting my jabs on monday pol, tet, dip, thy...will get malerone too....anyone else getting anything else? hep a? swine flu vacc? 




Hi Claire and fellow travellers

I will agree time has flown by it seemed such a long way away when booked but now it is almost here.

Hope all your jabs went ok,i'm all up to date i'm pleased to say. As for mallerone have taken it twice when visiting Africa in malaria hot spots,but because we were out of the malaria season it was not totaly necessary but it gave a feeling of security,on this trip I shall discus the need with my health clinic as malaria is only pressent in the far north of the country and we will be out of the malaria season,I shall however have plenty of insect repelent.

Local money

Visited Swaziland when in South Africa they too are connected to the Rand one for one,spend the rand and get your change in local currency which can not be used in South Africa I shall only carry a few Rand and change the bulk of my money in a BANK in Windhoek unless some one knows different.

Shall post again befor we fly



Hi every one,

well the long wait from when we bookes is amost over.

This is one holiday I am very much looking foward to.

Should any one like to meet  up for a prefilght coffee at Heathrow friday night please text or call at the airport.



PS 07718792114


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