Nealy time to go!

Bags have arrived and luggage labels, so let's face it, it's nearly time to depart!  Yes, we've been a reticent lot, been waiting for someone to start up this topic so I guess it's up to me.  We are four walkers from West Yorkshire (two couples), Mike + Sue, Andy + Cath. Most of our walking is in the Dales and the Lakes.  We'll be flying from Leeds/Bradford to Lima via Amsterdam so we'll meet up with the main party at the hotel in Lima (unless we see you at the airport).  Very excited about the whole trip, has everyone got their medical supplies?  Diamox, malaria tablets, DEET, glucose, feel lika a walking pharmacy. lol.  Did anyone clock that we're at Lake Titicaca just before the full moon, supposed to be a great view at night.  Take lots of spare batteries for your cameras. 

For the football fans we're 1 Liverpool fan and 1 BWFC.  Set up your phones for roaming!

Look forward to hearing from other members of the party.




Hi Mike & all,  Look forward to meeting you.  I'm Paul and travelling with a friend Matt.  I'm a Man U supporter and Matts a Spurs man!!  Neither Matt or I are walkers and we both live near London (Matt in London) me in Kent just outside of town.  I've just spent a small fortune on making sure i've got the kit for the trip and i still have no idea if i have enough or if i'm going to be able to pack it all.  Not sure what the temp etc will be like on the hike up to Maccu Picho.  Still looking forward to it and meeting you guys and any others out there, we are going from Heathrow via Houston, in the US, so will see you in Lima.

Not long now!!!


Great stuff Paul!  It's going to be a great time in Peru.  It's been great fun buying all the kit, I'll be taking clothing for hot and cold.  Hope we can all have a good bonding session in the jungle before we head for the hills.  I don't think the distances we walk are too bad it will just be the altitude.  I'm looking forward to taking lots of photos.

See you in Lima!!!



Hi All

Me off on sept 17th trip and like you guys so cant wait:) it would be great if you could let me know how it was when you get back, plus any hints and tips.

have a fab time, we have a forum open in sept if you wanted to see what we've been discussing


Hi ema

Thanks for the interest, we're not as literate as your group - I hope you have a great time.  We'll be your guinea pigs - as long as we don't have to eat them! lol.  Will try to dash off a report in the few days between the end of our trip and the start of yours.  keep up the exercising!



Hi all

thnaks for reply, will be watching out for your update on your return. have a fab time, take lots of pictures:) will let you know how we go too



Hi Mike,

    Last week panic setting in now....see you in a few days!!  I've got everything, i hope, so just now need to pack it in the limited luggage allowance!!!  Looking forward to that bonding session already;  a nice cool draft larger in the Amazon sounds amazing.  Not sure we will get that

 Anyway enjoy the packing and see you and your crowd on Sunday in Lima.


Hi Paul, can't believe we're nearly ready to go.  Have you had a look at the reports previous walkers have put for this trip, lots of good advice and tips.  Like the sound of the hot springs when we finish the Inca trail!  Last minute shop on Friday for hand wipes etc. nothing major.  Look forward to seeing you all - next stop Lima!

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