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I've just read an article in the Daily Facist (sorry, Daily Mail) regarding the disappearance of a British traveller and a number of murders of foreigners in the last 6 years or so. I don't like to take what I read in the British press as gospel and wondered what those people who may have more experince of travel in Nepal thought of this recent disappearance?? Is it likely to be a kidnap for money situation or as the Mail suggested there is a possible serial killer who preys on single travellers....thoughts???

Also, it was only after making my booking that I realised the airport at Lukla was on ther itinerary. I've heard it is one of the most dangerous to fly to in the world??? I am beginning to sound like a looney tune with all these fears but if anyone can put some reality/experience of Nepal, it's airports etc. I'd love to hear from you 


I'm not on this trip - but I've flown into Lukla a few times (and I am such a nervous passenger).  It is an experience, but dozens of planes fly safely in/out of Lukla every day during the trekking season.  It's Nepal's 3rd most busiest airport.  Pilots can only fly to/from Lukla when the weather is good as they rely on visibility (as opposed to instruments) so there are often delays... but they're for everyone's safety.  Don't forget, the pilot doesn't want any issues with the flight just as much as the passengers don't!

You must keep your baggage weight down to under 15kg - if the plane is too heavy it can't take off, and your bag may be the one left behind!

And when you do get on the aircraft to go to Lukla.... sit on the left hand side of the plane as the views are better.

Don't forget that you will be travelling in a group with an Exodus trip-plus porters, guides and support staff-safety in numbers. We have done 3 treks in Nepal- 1 in the Everest region and 2 in the Annapurnas-never felt unsafe or threatened. Also have flown in/out of Lukla-no problem. What you read in the papers are isolated cases-if you compare that to the amount of people that travel in Nepal, which is a terrific detination-you will realise that the chances of any problems are minute. P.S. Like your take on the Mail!! 


Thank you to both Einstein and Steve for their solid and wise words. I think I am just getting a bit jittery at the thought of going so far, for so long for the first time since having kids - it certainly changes your perspective. I know that in pre-kids years I travelled all over the world and it send chills to think of some of the stupid things and risks I took - Guess I've grown up!!! Really do appreciate your time in replying and I will now concentrate on getting totally psyched to be going!!!!


Thought I would endeavour to post another thread to see if there are any other like minded people flying from Manchester direct to Kathmandu departure date 13 October. Would appreciate any comments which would be helpful regarding the trip, especially vaccinations and health precautions.

Steve Connor 






Not a problem if you are with a group.  I have done 5 treks in Nepal without incident except in 1999 when we were taxed by the Maoists and they were friendly.

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