New boots?

This is my first Exodus walking holiday, so no idea what to expect.  Curently pondering whether to buy some new boots (any excuse!).  I know I should get on and do it if I'm going to...

Would be great to hear from any fellow group members.  Wife, Lynn, and I are flying from Manchester, UK on 23rd.  Been to Chamonix before, but it was covered in snow and the ski lifts did all the uphill parts.  Now starting to worry about getting fit in time.

What new kit are the rest of the group buying I wonder?


Dr Rock

Hi we did this trip last July. Its brilliant , a very good choice. Scenery is non stop stunning. The ground is varied, I would buy good quality 3 season boots. Some sections on rock , need a good sole/ grip. We did not have many wet sections . If boots are old or rubbing- get a new pair ! One day you will be out for 8-9 hrs, with some stops. I worse shorts every day, even above 2000 metres . You do not need winter or crampon fits foots for any section in July.

Have fun.

Dr Rock

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