New Year in the Arctic!


Just signed up to this trip and VERY excited, especially having seen the Northern Lights pics that have just been posted from Oulanka.  Looks like a very cool way to spend New Year!  I'm going to be travelling by myself and on the group flight out, looking forward to meeting everyone at the airport or on arrival.


(girl Alex rather than boy Alex)

I'm glad I'm not the only solo traveller on the trip, lots of people seem to be in groups at this time of year. At the moment I am desperately hoping that the trip lives up to expectations as changing the flights and the airport has messed me up and taken a lot of rearranging. That said it does look incredible and I'm sure that all will be forgiven as soon as I see the snow. I booked in February so it's hard to believe that finally it's almost here.


Pleased to meet you, well sort of.  I started another thread on this trip where a few more people have answered, 'Finland for Christmas'.  Looks like we will have a good bunch, little under two weeks to go can't wait, igloo for Christmas eve and a teepee for News Years!  How often do you get that in Trafalgar Square!

 See you soon


Just realised I set this thread up wrong... I'm on the trip going on 30th December, not 16th as the post says...  So Andy it sounds like you're on the earlier trip.  Julie - maybe see you there!  I'm sure the trip will be amazing.  Went on another Exodus trip to Nepal a few year ago and it was awesome.  Really looking forward to this one.

This is a very Girlie question Alex (I'm not ignoring you Andy but you may be on a different trip and possibly beyond your area of expertise!)

I've read the packing list and we don't seem to need much but, as it's New Year are you going to take a posh frock or just keep it casual? I'm assuming its warm indoors so that layers are not so necessary!

Hello Girls, what a shame you're on a different trip, oh well I'm sure you will have fun too.  Regarding expertise, you do realise you are going to Finland, in winter, really close to the Arctic circle and Northern Russian border? Lol.  Not to be rude, and tryst me there is nothing more lovely then seeing a lady in a 'Posh frock'.  But you are going to be in a really cold place doing winter activities with the nearest town 20 odd miles away with people who have sen you roll around in the snow fighting with skis, I'm sure you will look just as great without your dress on.   Oooops I mean normally clothed obviously!  LOL  Only teasing, I hope you have a great time!


Hi Julie,

Hadn't even occured to me!  I was thinking more along the lines of festive knitwear, but actually posh frock sounds fun.  I'm in if you're in!  Will throw something in the bag and then if it turns out that everyone else is in jeans can always bottle it at the last minute.  From looking at pictures of the place everyone sitting around inside (with snow outside) seems to just be in regular winter clothes - jumpers and jeans etc., so I'm guessing it's all pretty snug.  SOOO excited :-)  Time to load up the kindle with some books for the afternoons and evenings.

See you at heathrow!


Right, I will pack a frock. If it wasn't New Year I'd stick to casual and will the rest of the time but I'm assuming that it'll be nice and warm inside. I can't relax and look forwards to it quite yet, all the changes to the  departures have messed me up and I still need to get a train ticket down to London. - Job number one for tomorrow. I have filled my Kindle and my iPod though - Must remember chargers! (especially for my camera)

Have a lovely Christmas and look forwards to meeting you in a week!!!!


Alex & Julie. Just thought I'd drop you a quick message to say Hi. I'm also on this trip and travelling by myself. Really looking forward to it and I'll see you in a few days at the airport. I was thinking very much casual for New Years eve, but don't let that affect your decision.

 Tony (male Tony just to avoid any confusion regarding the wearing of frocks!)


Hi Alex, Julie and Truck (such a good monika!)

not sure if we are all on the same trip but the one I'm on departs on Sun 30th to Oulanka?

Read your threads about posh clothes and I have to say our family will be the ultra scruffy bunch in the corner!! might throw in a festive jumper but that's about it!!  BTW, I've heard the cost of buying alcoholic drinks at BaseCamp is seriously expensive - how about we do some duty free shopping before hand???


Good idea Sue - I'm in.  Duty free wine box anyone? :-)  Just packed - sorry Julie, I've gone for the festive knitwear angle - frock just didn't look quite right in amongst all the fleece/ wooly things/ wicking base layers etc.  But I do have a fetching tinsel hairband for NYE just to make it special!  As if dog sledding/ snow shoeing/ igloo building etc. wasn't already special enough.  VERY EXCITED!

See you at the airport tomorrow morning everyone.


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