New Year in the Sahara

Just curious to find out how many of us will be trekking up and down sand dunes and seeing amazing night skies and having an alternative New Year.  Can't wait myself to get away from it all!


Hi Melanie... I'm coming from Singapore for this trip ! I do get away alone quite often, but enjoy this. Spending a few days in Tunis prior to trip, an extra day in Djerba, and finish up with one more day in Tunis for shopping before i leave.. 

Since trip was confirmed before i joined, assume there are now at least 5 (incl me) on this trip..

Cheers / ranjan


Hi Ranjan. thanks for your note. Coming a long way but sounds like you're making the most of it. If I like Djerba then might come back independently next year and spend longer there. Looks lovely if the pics are anything to go by. Hope all's well with you. Cheers, Mel


Hello Melanie & Ranjan, I'll be joining you under the desert stars.


Great to hear, Anne !! Look forward to this trip. I've finally received my visa and all...

ps : someone told me (or rather posted on my friend's facebook wall) that he was offered a price in exchange for his wife whilst in Tunisia, which he politely turned down..

hmmm... something to think about..

Cheers! Ranjan


Ranjan apparently there are 12 women booked on this tour, so I think I'll be able to avoid that particular auction!


Saying A BIG HELLO to MELANIE. RANJAN and ANNED. My FRIEND'S name is DOLORES also on trip. ( two of the twelve women on trip !!!!)             SO IS THERE ONLY FOUR MEN ON THE TRIP MAKING OUR TOTAL NUMBER 16!!!!!!!


Hi Eunice.. Nice to hear another 2 names for this trip.. Looking forward to it, and to meeting you all.. Do we really need 4 men? sigh.. cheers..


Eunice & Dolores - welcome aboard our caravan. The exodus kit bag arrived at the weekend, so I've started counting the days.  Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hi Anne, Eunice (& Dolores) =

Wanted to say that I was very happy to hv met u ladies just barely a week ago, and to apologise for not turning up at dinner (I fell asleep after the shower, waking up far too late to get anything to eat...) Hope dinner went well!

 Ran into the Italian group a couple of times after we parted.

Received a very warm welcome back at the Tunis hotel, with an upgrade, lots of handshakes and even kisses (yes, NOT from the women haha...)

 Hope u all had a grand start at work for the new year! Take care!! (And Anne - tks a million for the lifesaving blister packs!! Had time to count : there were 5 in total - am throwing away shoes and keeping the older bigger ones instead!)


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