Newcomer to Africa

"Any Tips and Wrinkles I should know"

Dep  Frid 2.October 09


We are also going on this trip , not been on a camping safari before so new to us but what other things were you thinking about ? eg. a wind up torch is good - no worries about batteries failing etc. instead of using one large memory card for the camera try using several mid sized cards, as the last big trip we went on the card failed and we lost more than 500 pictures in one go.




I am coming to see the gorillas too. Have been to Africa before but not on this kind of trip, am really looking forward to it. Tip about memory cards is a good one, I do the same. Lots of wet wipes and some alcohol hand rub always useful too. Depending on how dusty it is eye drops if you wear contacts can be a lifesaver. Have invested in new travel towels as the usual ones take up so much room and never dry out. Also new headtorch. Friends of mine who went to see the gorillas a few years ago recommends waterproof trousers as the climb through the impenetrable forest (what a great name!) can involve a lot of rain and sliding down muddy banks on your bum! Am planning on taking plenty of loo roll too!


Hi All

I have had the privilege of travelling with Exodus through Tanzania before and a few tips from me are to come prepared for all types of weather/temperatures, it can get cold up in the higher areas, but could be boiling hot in the sun when the wind is down!!  An alarm clock and ear plugs are useful as there are often early morning starts on safari.

I am flying out to Africa a few days early, if anyone else will be in Nairobi the night before the trip and fancies meeting up let me know....

Looking forward to meeting you all!


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