Nile Cruise feedback anyone?

Going on Nile Cruise in APril, any suggestions for avoiding getting sick? I keep hearing horror stories about people getting sick when in Egypt. ANy obvious things to avoid?

I went on a Nile cruise in a non-luxury boat a few years ago with a tour group (not Exodus, but still OK!). No health problems except that on the first day (in Cairo to start with) I didn't drink enough water and got dehydrated, felt awful for a night but fine in the morning. So drink lots of water - bottles were easily available then and I'm sure they will be now.


Hi Jeri,

First things first, bottled water is a must (and cheapest when purchased from street vendors) and i would also advise using bottled water to brush your teeth. It's worth using either bottled water or wet wipes before eating and after handling money. Regarding the food as the whole of Egypt has received more and more visitors there has been a big effort by the Egyptian Hotel Association to raise standards of hygiene in order to reduce the number of food-related illnesses among tourists.

We take food hygiene very seriously at all of our hotels in Egypt that we use and this forms a big part of our decision to continue to use them as we consider them some of the best. What most people still try to avoid is any raw foods and anything you can't peel but if you do get an upset stomach there is always a chemist nearby in order to pick up some tablets.

Hope this helps, Andy

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