Nile Cruise starting April 17 - Anyone going? anyone have advice?

Traveling solo, wondering who might be on this trip or if anyone has suggestions about avoiding getting sick!  like what to avoid eating???


Hi Jeri,

   I went on this cruise which departed on 06 th March and really enjoyed it.

As for food avoid any green salad such as lettuce as this will have been washed in the local water and also ice cream.

Take plenty of Immodium/Loperamide and rehydration salts in case you do get diahorrea which is quite unlikely as the standard of the hotels and the cruise ship is very high.

Also take antibacterial hand gel/hand wash to use after handling the money plus antibacterial wipes.

On arrival at Cairo airport you will see four banks on your right hand side as you go towards passport control and this is where you need to buy your visa.

If you go straight to passport control you will be sent back to the bank and will have to queue again!!!

Hope these tips help and you enjoy your trip to Egypt.


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