northern indian flying 15.11.12 - 22.11.12

hi is there anyone else going on this trip who will be travelling solo that woud like to chat before we fly


Hi, I will join from Belgium. Looking forward to meet all fellow travelers and to explore India. Cheers, Dirk

Hi, I'm travelling solo too.  Be great to chat before we fly. 


glad to get a reply from you both, not having travelled on my own for years and now doing this trip and seeing how long you've been members i feel quite a novice but so excited. any tips you can give me would be great. have either of you been to india before. carolah


Hi everyone. My name's Helen and this will be my first time travelling solo and also first time in India so am very excited. Like Carolah said, if anyone has been to India before and has any travellers tips I'd be grateful to hear them.

Looking forward to meeting you all :-)



hi helen glad to see i'm not going to be the only newbie to this experience. i've sent off for my visa and paid the balance so it's now begining to feel quite real. are you and you viv flying from heathrow as i see dirk is joining us from belgiume. i've been told by someone i know who has been to india on a number of occassions plenty of bottle water and i'll be fine and not to take much in my luggage as theres loads of things to purchase and quite cheaply. 

wait to hear from you all carol


hi carol. yes i'm joining the group flights in heathrow. i've got a flight from manchester to heathrow first (i'm travelling from north wales) then will join up with you for the flight to delhi. i've just sent my visa application off too so fingers crossed will get it back in plenty of time. going to sort injections out next week hopefully too. i'm also hoping to travel light, but i always say that and never quite manage it! still mulling over the suitcase v backpack decision at the moment. a friend of mine suggested taking a silk sleeping bag liner for use on the overnight train. they fold up really small and you know you have something clean to sleep in if bedding on train looks grubby.

 if i get any more tips i'll let you know!

speak soon



hi helen, well your doing a bit of a journey before we even start. i just have to get the train to victoria then the tube to heathrow so just the undergound to deal with. i never even thought about the bedding on the train, yours sounds a good idea. luckerly for me all my injections are up to date except for hepatitis a which i'm still deciding on as this one you have to pay for [140] and i have been told you don't need malaria tablets but again i'm not sure. i have sorted the luggage though, i've opted for a holdall with wheels and handle and due to its size i won't be able to over pack so will be a case of you'll see me in the same things on a number of occassions. i've also bought myself a really comfortable pair of sandels not very fashionable but very sensible.

speak soon carol

Hiya, not on your trip as I go this month but don't know why you're being charged for your Hepatitis A jab. Saw the nurse at my local docs and got it and typhoid (all others upto date) on the spot on the NHS. Defo no payment required.

Hi yes I am flying from Heathrow. Im driving over from Bath and ive booked a hotel for the night we return. It might be 17:40. But it wont be to us! Not been to India befor either so very excited. I have been solo before and I went to Egypt with Exodus last year. It was great. This certainly helps to know you are not the only single going. Got jabs done and visa. Just to buy the deet to deter those mossies. A few Fruesli bars don't go amiss either. Tips apart from bottled water are no ice in drinks and always eat cooked food. If its salad and they wash it. Whoops. See you at Heathrow probably. See if we can work out who we are. Viv


Hi all I'm going on 15th too and can't wait? I got my Hep vac free too. Got vis quickly too. Had an awful job completing it though. I'm flying down from Newcastle as I live in Scottish borders. Hope to meet up with you all at Heathrow. Does anyone know how much currency to take?


hi viv, jan. helen and dirk and anyone else who's travelling with us and not yet chatted                            my luggage label has arrived, got my visa, malaria tablets and insect repellant - like you viv i'n not sure how much to take although i have been told sterling cash is best and i hope to buy a few bits =  i'm nwatching a repeat of the story of india on bbc4 and did any of you watch the series on bb2 about india, really gives you a taste - i wondered whether to carry a red carnation but now i know to look out for the luggage labels from exodus - so if you see a funny lady looking at your luggage don't worry its only me = carol


Hi everyone,

I'm on this trip too. Travelled solo before and with Exodus, but this is first time to India. I'll be flying out from Heathrow too, though I'm only travelling from South London so a relatively easy journey. Got my visa (I also found the application form a bit of a trial!), and had the hep A vac (only had to pay prescription charge), having trouble getting hold of the typhoid one, and nurse didn't think I'd need malaria. Only a couple of weeks to go now! Looking forward to meeting you all. Alex


Another fellow traveller saying hello.

I am joining at Heathrow but we are more likely to find each other in Delhi Airport as it tends to be the Exodus branded luggage that gives us away (and we deposit it almost as soon as we arrive at Heathrow). I should say I do not have any Exodus branded luggage, but hopefully someone will.

I have travelled with Exodus a few times before and always found it a really enjoyable experience. I have also been to India before, but expect to see and do different things on this trip.

I am really looking forward to it.



Just added up the money requirements from the trip notes so know how much to take. Hope we work out who we are at Heathrow. My luggage label didn't last much beyond the first trip! I'll have a red rucksack in departure lounge if that's any help and I'm about 5 10 with shortish brown hair wearing jeans and trainers and probably a long sleeved red or mybe green t shirt. Trying to work out what to travel in so we cope with the heat to Jaipur and the cold in Uk on journey! See you there. Now really looking forward to it particularly after reading the latest posts and seen the first hotel on the web. Don't forget your swimsuits!

Hi all,

I'm on the trip on the 15th too. It's really nice to see so many comments from people before setting off! I've never travelled alone before and I've never been to India either so this is a completely new experience for me. I feel like I've forgotten something crucial but have my passport, visa, and I've had my vaccinations. No ticket, so just turn up and set off I suppose! I've opted for backpack: does anyone have any suggestions about locking this, particularly on the overnight train? Really looking forward to meeting you all.



not sure anyone will read this as your probably getting ready doing last min things or even set off on your journey to heathrow but i should imagain your like me just so excited and just want to be in dehli and start this wonderful adventure. so see you all later carol


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