Northern Lights?

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I saw them on a trip to Iceland in 2007.  Wasn't with Exodus, just a solo long-weekend break, they were beautiful!  It was at the beginning of Feb and we took a coach ride out into the national park, away from the city to see them.  It was quite a long wait - 3-4 hours - and some people wanted to give up and go home.  But we persevered and saw them at about midnight.  It was good because the weekend had been very cloudy until the final evening when it finally cleared up enough to see them.

We only got a very short show, so I would love to return and see them again, hopefully a more spectacular viewing.  I hear that we are now entering a high "solar activity" point in time (a cycle of 7 years) so perhaps shows are oging to be more common/spectacular for the next 2-3 years.  I am thinking about going to Norway or Finland in 2013 with the hopes of seeing them.

---Jenna "Pika"---


This has been one of my ambitions for years but I have never got round to doing anything about it!

I watched the TV programme done by Joanna Lumley a couple of years ago where she managed to see the lights - I think it was in a remote part of Norway - and this made me even more determined to see them. 

I must get round to booking a holiday but I think you have to be aware that you might never see them even though you are in a likely place.  Can anyone recommend a location where there is a higher chance of seeing them?




I've also tried to see them once before in Lapland but the cloud got in the way. So I hope to have more joy on my visit to Iceland in February!

The best thing is to book a trip with lots of other things to do so you aren't too disappointed if the weather stops the light show. So Sweden might not have been where I saw the Northern Lights but I did get to try dogsledding and snowmobiling for the first time!



But I am hoping for a chance to see the Aurora in Finland this Sunday!!!

This will be my first holiday on my own, which I have been looking forward to for years, and I had to dedicate it to the possibility of seeing the northern lights!

I have to agree with Amanda about going for a package which does not solely consist of viewing the Lights. With that in mind, I booked a holiday of Finnish activities, just in case it's cloudy or the lights don't show themselves. 

However, due to the snow here in the UK, I may not even get to see Finland, let alone the lights!! Typical!

Fingers crossed!

Seeing the Aurora was on my list of things to do, so I went volunteering at the Northern Studies Research Centre about 20kms from Churchill, Canada, for 4 weeks in Feb/March last year, and we saw the lights most nights! they run courses that people pay lots of money to attend, the skies are mostly clear at that time of year, you'd be pretty unlucky not to catch sight of them. But saying that, it's best to go for several days/nights to stand a good chance of a sighting. The show would usually start about 20.00 - 21.00, and last anything from half an hour to two hours, increasing in intensity as time went by, and then fading and disappearing. Green colour mainly, a bit of white and red at the edge at times - colour dependent on which gases are in the atmosphere. Awesome!

In the Outer Hebrides back in October 2012, I was aware of last year/this year being a solar high, so we looked out most nights for the aurora. One evening we saw a faint green fuzzy glow in the distance to the north, when telling a scientist friend about this later, he said we would have been 'looking in from the side' as we were not beneath the auroral oval, which is why we did not see it clearly.  Apparently they had had a good show in Oban a few days earlier!

I would certainly recommend trying to see the aurora, it's a wonderful phenomenon of nature!

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