One month to the Camino de Cuba -6th Dec- any fellow travellers out there?


 I have just realised that my trip is a month away today :-)  Would be nice to say hello to any fellow travellers as I'm joining by myself (from Dublin). Really looking forward to somewhere warmer than here!

Hope to hear from somebody soon.


Hello Stephanie and All!

Time's flying... in 3 weeks we'll be meeting everyone :) can't wait... I'm coming over by myself too, from Birmingham though. I should reach the hotel about 2h after the groups.

Looking forward to meeting with you and the rest of the group.




Hope I've got the right trip this time!  Graham & Sue here looking forward to meeting everyone.  We're flying from Gatwick.  Last time in Cuba we were evacuated because of Wilma, but I'm sure this time will be great!  See you soon!


Hi Laurence, Graham and Sue,

Good to hear from you and looking forward to meeting you all. Am actually hoping against hope that all goes well and I do actually make it as unfortunately on Friday night and pulled a muscle in my back....which wasn't too bad on Saturday but by last night was extremely painful so I've now been put on a cocktail of painkillers and it's a bit touch and go on whether or not I should go! Am soooooo hoping it improves vastly and am going to try to get some physio tomorrow to see if that helps. A trekking holiday is not ideal with back muscle spasms, especially somewhere like Cuba not known for its healthcare system...

If one of you is a doctor or physiotherapist then do let me know, it might put my mind at ease!

Keep the fingers crossed for me.....Really hope to see you all Thursday



by the way, are you all going to just bring a 30litre rucksack? The one I've borrowed looks a bit small to fit all my stuff. am thinking of bringing a slightly larger sportsbag with wheels (less strain on my back) with a smaller rucksack to bring along for the longer day hikes. Any thoughts? I've never been on a hiking holiday so really unsure about what's best to bring. But it looks like our bags are transported most of the time, right?

Thanks for any advice


I might be wrong.... my understanding was that you could bring a 30L rucksack for the day walk and needs and a 20kg bag for the overall stuff.

Worth checking though

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