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"The ones holding us back are the ones thinking

"The ones holding us back are the ones thinking that if we blew up as a sport, they would be left behind."In Raleigh, female spectators exponentially outnumbered men, but there isn t a red-blooded male who would miss an Ultimate tournament if they knew that the women s teams, consisting of one knockout after another, routinely strip down to sports bra and undies and change right on the field. Ladies ranging from 20-year-old Michela Meister to 40-year old Kimberly Beach turn heads with both their prowess and their 49ers football jerseys for women pulchritude.As Tunnell puts it, "The level of athleticism in elite women Ultimate players relative to the general population, or even other sports, is higher than it is with men." The likes of Alex Morgan or Brittney Griner may quibble the point, but certainly watching national teamer Georgia Bosscher chase down and sky to knock away a disc headed for the end zone is as glorious and inspiring as any aspect of women s sports.If trick shot videos don t do it for the Ultimate community, perhaps marketing the women front and center might do the trick.Smith says he has made repeated efforts to join forces with USAU, despite the disagreements over referees, only to be rebuffed with extreme prejudice. "We haven t done anything together. It makes zero sense. I want to help, but they have to want my help in return. I can only bang my head against the wall so many times." (USAU s response: "We ve had general conversations with Brodie in the past and even offered to meet with him in Sarasota in 2011 in order to discuss his inquiry. He did not respond to our offer.")Considering Smith has over a quarter of a million YouTube subscribers, over 23,000 Twitter followers, and his trick shots have been seen around the world, it stands to reason that a sport attempting to grow its profile would want to reach out to him, and be associated with his brand. But that hasn t happened. "We don t see eye to eye, so maybe that s enough for them not to be associated with me," Smith says.

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