Ooty or not Oooty?

Hi there, looks like this trip is now full so thought I might as well start a thread, there are another 13 of you out there! Visa applied for (that was a bit more complicated than it needed to be?) and it has been quite nice here this week so been able to get out on my bike (still a bit chilly though).

This is my 4th Exodus cycling trip, all have been great fun, well organised and I have met some interesting people, how about you? I never been to India though so starting my curry eating training this weekend!!




Hi Bob,

Yes the Visa is a bit of an experience in its self. A lot more complicated than visa to the US. This is my first trip with exodus. Sound like a very comprehensive trip. 

Although I do general training I am going to start with the static bike in Dec. 




 I also thought the visa process was a nightmare! This is my second trip with exodus,the first was 5 years ago and I loved every minute. Looking forward to some decent weather and meeting you all



 I'm Sally, nice to meet you.  Bit confused by the date that is posted on here for departure.  Isnt it Saturday 26th Jan?!  It is according to my paperwork.....

Anyway I guess I better get on my bike as well.  Im not unfit, but my bum defo needs some practise being in a saddle!



Hi all, I also have the 26 Jan. Ooty hill seems very challenging.

The jabs have streched my immune system and I have had a cold for two weeks and still going strong.


Jabs!!!! Crap! I am normally so organised, but I totally forgot about the visa(!!!) and the jabs. Applied for visa today after being reminded by the comments on here. Best get onto the doctor tomorrow...


I also have the 26th which is the Saturday. Is Malaria a concern on this trip?..my initial thoughts are that its not but would appreciate any info



Vicky, As a Pharmacist I can recommend the above site which states that Malaria is low risk in the southern states of Kerala and Karnatka but if you are travelling elsewhere in India consult the above or your Doctor or Pharmacist. This site also gives advice on other jabs which may be needed or updated.

Take insect repellant and use it, where long sleeved clothing after dusk. 

Well visa came back OK, so I must have done something right! Date refers to 26th (Sat) leaving UK and 27th (Sun) for those meeting in Mysore. ( I think?)

Tom, Interesting that you appear to live in Gibraltar, so quite a bit warmer than here, you can practice cycling up and down the rock? Plenty of hills round here too did quite a lot in the summer just need to keep up the motivation as the weather gets worse. Time to put lots of cycling kit on your letter to Santa?



Vicky, I went to a local clinic that does the jabs and they gave me 5 jabs, tetanus, dipheria, polio, hepatitus A and typhoid.

Bob, Yes Gibraltar is quite hilly, but there is too much traffic. I will be using the gym and watching the travel channel as I cycle going nowhere.



Thanks for advice on Malaria,I am all jabbed up and visa has now been sorted but if our plane is delayed for 4 days then Im illegal as it expires as they would only give me 3 months.

Im not used to riding MTBs so this will be interesting! Hope we all bump into each other at airport

Trying to keep up with a bit of cycling but the great British weather is not helping!


Happy New Year everyone, not long to go now and I managed to get out on my bike today for the 1st time in a month, up to a warmish?? 10c here and slighly warmer than my charity swim in the sea on New Years day!!

Sorted all my Jabs etc. except Rabies which I did consider but as it has been unnavailable for some time I will just have to use my water bottle to deter any scary looking animals!!  

Sorry, Vicky will not be at the airport. I have planned an extended trip flying on the 18th taking in Goa as well, so will meet you all in Mysore on the Sunday. I am also taking my own bike so have a week to get from Goa to Mysore on my bike so that should be fun!! Think the heat will probably be the most difficult to adjust to. At least I will be nicely warmed up when you all arrive.

Hope you all got some nice cycling gear from Santa and here's to a good trip.




Happy New Years to everyone going on the trip.

Hi Bob, Vicky, Sal, Tom ...

Just two and a half weeks to go, so thoughts seriously turning to the India trip and thought I'd say hello. Expecially as this  morning I actually saw the sun for the first time this year! I've been resting over Christmas - in fact in bed with 'flu - so will be taking it easy. Looking forward to meeting you all, either en route or at Mysore.

Hi everyone,

Well 2" snow here and very cold so the bike is all packed up in its bag ready to go. I am travelling light so trying to cut down on kit as much as possible, at least it will be warm, 30C+ so dont need many clothes. I am setting of on Friday from Manchester via Heathrow and Mumbai to Goa, a long way round I know but I am used to it living over here. Hotel booked near airport for Sat night and set of cycling on Sunday!

Dave, Hi to you and love the shirt, I've got one too......wonder if they will love us or hate us? 


Happy New Year.

This is my first trip with Exodos and to India.  I will be in Dubai and will hop on your flight to India in Dubia.  Hope I see/meet some of you then.

Need to start packing!


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