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Hi we are going on our first Exodus holiday this year and would love to hear from anyone on the same holiday and would be glad of any tips about camping holidays. Pat

Hi Pat, My name is Lucy and I am also going on the Yellowstone trip in June - very excited! This will be my second Exodus trip and I have previously been on a 2 week camping tour through the Canadian Rockies with Trek America. My main tips for a 'happy' camping tour (based on my Canadian experience): 1) Comfy sleeping bag - best quality one you can get. I have a 3 season super squishy one that bags down reasonably small. 2) thermarest mat - although think they are provided on this tour. They are brill. After walking all day having a comfy bed 'camping' bed is essential3) Dry bags / compression sacks: It rained (alot) when I was in Canada, our campsite got flooded one night, so I was thankful that all my clothes plus sleeping bag were stored in a series of dry bags. Also little draw string bags that you can squish stuff into I found very handy as they saved space but also meant I could organise my bag so I could access stuff easily if we arrived in camp in the dark. Also if bears etc are about anything remotely smelly (i.e soap, shower gel, sun cream etc) always had to moved into our van overnight so having a bag to stick stuff in is a very good idea.4) Camelbak (or equivalent) - very easy to use to carry water for the day and meant your hands were free to use your camera or scramble up mountains5) Little medical kit - particularly stuff for bites/stings, sun cream, blisters etc6) Head torch / separate torch. I found having a head touch always in your bag (day sack) very useful especially if it’s getting dark and you need to set up camp. Having a small separate torch that you can mount in your tent I found handy for finding stuff etc7) Baby wipes / anti bacterial wipes / tissues = all very useful for keeping clean etc  As always comfy walking clothes and shoes/socks are important - multiple layers including trousers/shirts that have built in sun protection I found really good (although still need sun cream) plus hat. Items that can easily be washed and dry quick always good. I've probably forgotten a few things but hopefully our fellow campers may also have some suggestions?

For Yellowstone, I will be taking folding walking poles plus small pair of binoculars plus extra big memory card for camera . . . .

See you in June

 Lucy :)


Hi Lucy and Pat,

We will be joining you on the trip, not long now. Thanks for all the tips, Lucy,  on stuff to bring along. We have been on  a few Exodus trips now, but have only camped for 4 days on the Inca trail. I found the thermarest mats a bit on the thin side for my "womanly hips" so I am hoping to borrow a deluxe sleeping mat to bring along and add to the comfort if I can fit it into the baggage allowance. My favourite item in Peru was a windup torch which I placed inside one of my crocs to act as a nightlight as I found the absloute darkness in the tent a little claustophobic and disorientating. Probably not something that most people would find essential and may make me sound a little strange- ah well- at least the bears will know which tent I am in. I also found my crocs invaluable for my feet as well, being lightweight and washable. A nice change after walking boots. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hello all,

This is CT from Pinner and wow, many thanks for all the tips and so many things to consider and take.  I thought toilet rolls should be another must. :)) I have been walking with Exodus and others for a number of years but this will only be my third time camping, after the Inca Trail and Mont Blanc circuit.  Really looking forward to it.. to fulfill one of my failed life time trips.....a story that you will find out when we meet up in June.  Have you checked out the Yellowstone webcams?  It is still covered with tons of snow......amazing.

Have a good Easter/Royal wedding holidays...



Hi all

I will also be joining you, thanks for the tips. I did go to Yellowstone back in 1989 before the reintroduction of wolves and just after the fires but I have always wanted to go back there to spend more time hiking & seeing the great wildlife. The thing I remember the most is that it got very cold at night so a good warm sleeping bag is a must as well as lots of warm layers but it was quite warm during the day. I must check out the Yellowstone webcam but I hope there is no snow when we go. I look forward to meeting you all, only another five weeks to go.



M J & P V Wilkinson

Hi everybody, not long to go now. Thanks for your tips. Like Heather I hope we are not going too early.Still not sure how the catering works but am sure everything will be well organised. Pat

Hi all,

Getting very excited now - not much longer to go!!! Packing (or should that be re-packing) this weekend. I'm not sure how the catering works either. On previous organized camping trips (non-exodus) we had a rota and took turns (in pairs) cooking evening meal and tidying the van etc We also all went shopping to local supermarket to pick up group food and then our own individual treats. Not sure if same applies with Exodus? Also I wondered if any of the campsites will be staying will be wilderness based with limited facilities - as I would like (need) to do a bit of washing along the way.

Just as a heads up tonight on BBC4 at 9pm Unnatural Histories - programme about man's influence of the environment - will all be about Yellowstone (last week was Tanzania/Kenya/Serengeti). I'll be watching - hard to believe we'll actually be there in 2 weeks!!!!! :)

Happy packing everyone! See you on the 25th (......... slightly bleary eyed)

Lucy :)


M J & P Wilkinson                                                                                                                                     Hi all,     Have just read your letter Lucy, if you contact Explore they have details of all our camp sites and the hotel in Saltlake City. Looking them up I don't think they are that basic, some have a swimming pool or Hot tub. Looking forward to seeing you all on saturday, might see you all at Heathrow before our flight.  Malcolm


M J & P V Wilkinson

Hi all,  Sorry about my mistake yesterday I meant Exodus not Explore. Malcolm

Hi everyone,

Yippeeee!!!! not much longer before our Yellowstone travels. Just got a few hours more at work before I finish and off on leave! Few last things to pack and getting some shut-eye before the early morning wake up call to go to LHR. Looking forward to meeting you all. Probably may see some of you wandering around the airport .......... Lucy :)

p.s Thanks Malcolm for the heads up about the campsites. Its hard to tell from the trip notes what level they are.

hello all,

 yap, nearly time and I only just start thinking about the details eg reading carefully about the joining instruction.  gee so many thangs to do....By the way, I will not be travelling with you/group as they could not get me a seat on the same flight.  So I will be travelling there on my own...Well, hopefully will get to Royal Garden Inn without trouble tomorrow evening. 

 See you all soon.



If this email trail is still live then I'd love to know how you all got on & whether there is anything you wished you'd taken.

 One week to go! 

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