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Patagonian Highlight


Anyone out there going on the Patagonian Highlights trip leaving on Jan 3rd 2010?


Yes I am on the trip as well and looking forward to it.



Hi Christine

Im sure it will be an excellent trip.. Have you been on any trips with Exodus before?


Yes first time with Exodus, but so far they have been so very  helpful.

And it should be a great trip.

How about you, have you used them before?




I went to New Zealand with them in April 08. Had a great time, NZ is an amazing place with some cracking treks. Ive got a couple of friends who have been to Patagonia and they raved about it.

I agree with your comments on NZ, still one of my favourite places.

Hopefully your friends have given you some good hints & tips of the great things to see when your away that you can share with the rest of the group.

6 weeks today really is not that long to wait now, and I still need to get a few things.



Really strange question for you,  what time does your flight depart from Heathrow, reading through my final instructions it looks like the bulk of the group are on an earlier flight than me. i leave after 9.00

 I am due to land 75 mins before we all meet for the first afternoon walk through the city!  It will be a race through the airport I think!

Can't wait.


Hi Christine

Im a bit confused. My joining instructions say i am flying from Gatwick to Madrid at 10.20 with a flight from Madrid to Buenos Aries leaving at 22.05??

How do you know the rest of the group are going from Heathrow?

I tried to ring Exodus but no answer at the mo



 When I booked 18 months ago I was due to fly via Madrid, but my trip has changed numerous times. I am away for 5&1/2 weeks and the Patagionian Highlights is the first part of the trip, so I  think that I have been treated sepereatly to the main group.

 I have a feeling that you will all be together and it is only me that is on my tod.

I will be the one running to catch you all up on Monday!

I think you arrive 3 hours before me. I only that because my final joining instructions make comment to the main group having arrived before me.

Sorry just re read you message. I don't know which airports everyone is flyong from, I just assumed Heathrow! That is the Londoner in me.



Happy New Year!!

Ok that all makes sense now. I booked quite late. Im sure we will all meet up soon enough and have a cracking time. So this is part of a bigger adventure for you then. Where else are you off too?

Yes not long to go now. I suppose I need to think about packing!

As for rest of trip I do the Iguassu Extension for a couple of days, then back down to Ushuaia to pick up the Falkland, South Georgia and Antartica trip.



The rest of your trip sounds excellent, i am jealous already!! Hmm packing....good idea.

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