Really looking forward to the Condors. Who else is going?


Hi, I've just booked up.  Really excited :)


Hello Chris & Alex,

My wife Jasna and I will be joining you in Lima. We arrive from Brussels via Madrid.

Our first Exodus trip, looking forward to it. We randomly selected the period for the trip to Peru.

Hope we'll have nice weather.

See you soon Daniel




Hi All, yes really looking forward to the trip. This is my 6th trip with Exodus and they are always great experiences. Chris


This is my first trip of this kind so I'm a bit hyper at the moment :) Looking forward to it.  Has anyone else got the travel jags? I know they are optional, but I thought I might get them done anyway as a precaution.

Hi Alex, worth getting done because once you experience this trip you will be booking your next on your return. Only 2 months to go before we sample the delights f Peru


I've made my appoitnment to discuss the jags with my doctor now, thanks :)  I'm completely unorganised lol.  Just going to get my Travel Insurance in the next day or so and then I'll start looking at what supplies I need to get :) Not long now!!!

Hi All

Assuming this is the 22nd departure. I'm on the trip too.

Third Exodus trip so far, all have been superb, so high hopes for this too.

 Four weeks and counting ! 




Hi guys,

The husband and I are coming on this one too. Very excited now, first Exodus trip... Condors will be awesome, looking forward to seeing the Nazcar lines too.

Look forward to meeting you all soon :-)

Angela & Tim 

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