Peru for Christmas & New Year

Hello to all of you who are joining this trip to Peru.

Do we have a list of items to pack including items for the Inca Trail and Jungle elements? 

Is there a more detailed guide of the Inca Trail including number of kilometers per day and an idea of the route?

 I would find both of these really helpful. Many thanks Penny

I'm now wondering if anyone is going to Peru on 17 December. It'd be great to say hello before we depart.

 Cheers Penny


Hi Penny. Looks like just us! I only discovered this page by accident and then had to register etc. so I think that's the reason for the lack of response.

Anyway, there are some posts about what to pack. Walking boots, waterproof, warm things for night, head torch.

It should be warm/mild in the day and cold at night.

I've been told altitude is unlikely to be a problem but we'll wait and see. 

The amount off time trekking never occurred to me but when I did Nepal it was 6-8 hours a day and then it got dark and there was nothing to do. 

Chris Clulow 




Just had reply from Rebecca at Exodus.

HI Chris

 Nice to hear from you

 The weather in Peru is always quite varied, along the coast and in the sacred valley the temperature will be in the low to mid 20’s.

In Arequipa is will be a similar temperature but in Puno it will be colder in the day, in the mid teens. In the Amazon the temperature is going to be in the mid 30’s and will be humid. December does fall in the rainy season, and from looking at the weather over the last couple of days there have been showers quite regularly but its warm.

 You should be fine to wear shorts; it will certainly be warm enough during the day. You may want a longer trouser for the evening, especially when trekking. In the Amazon you will need to wear long trousers otherwise you will be bitten when out walking.

 It will get cold at night, and will most likely be in the single figures, so I would suggest you take a good warm fleece. You don’t need anything on the scale of a duvet jacket, but you will want a couple of warmer layers for the nights on the Inca trail and when at Lake Titicaca.

 With regards to the paclite, it depends how sturdy it is. I would suggest you take a good waterproof as the rain can be quite heavy and the last thing you want is to get wet, especially on the Inca trail.

 You don’t need anything special for the Inca trail, I would suggest taking the walking trousers that zip off into shorts so you can walk in shorts but then have something to cover up in the evening, also they are quite breathable so you shouldn’t get too hot. You will want, as I said, a good warm fleece and water proof, but you don’t need a huge amount while trekking. I would suggest taking a head torch as they can come in very handy trying to find the toilet tent or generally things in your tent ( you will also need it for the Amazon as it will keep your hands free for photo taking while on the night walks).

 The number of hours walking, will depend on the group and how slowly you walk, but most walking days are between 6-8 hours with plenty of stops. ( you will walk 11.4km on day 1, 7.7 on day 2, 6.8 on day 3 and 8.9 on day 4)

 I hope this answers your questions

 Please let me know if there is anything else



Hi Penny and Chris

Sorry for not joining in until now but time has been zooming past and I can't believe we are going on Friday.  I am packing several walking trousers and various t-shirts and a couple of thermal tops with plenty of detergent.  It's all the gear that takes up the space so I will try and be as careful with my packing as possible.  Just want to get out there to all the great scenery and warmth!!!!


I am so excited now. The climate is going to be quite variable so that is definately a challenge to my packing! But I am really looking forward to the great scenery, culture and experience.


Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.......................wanna go now!!!!!!  So far rucksack isn't big enough, scared stiff of encountering a spider (really really not looking forward to that) but so can't wait to see all the other animals, and excited about seeing condors, canyons and stuff.  I'm packing t-shirts, t-shirts and t-shirts, and maybe a couple of walking trousers, walking boots, sandals (not sure about shoes) and lots of washing detergent - that should do it.  Do you think we need smart stuff for a restaurant or can we get away with just walking gear?  Got my thermals today - I have never been excited about thermals however I squealed with delight.  I have three compression bags and I'm going to squeeze two thirds of my wardrobe into them; I'm also bringing duck tape in case the rucksack splits!!


I am taking walking boots, especially for the Inca Trail and the Amazon, but don't know whether to take walking shoes or walking sandals too.  Can anyone help?

Thanks,  Helen

Hi Helen, I am just taking walking boots, some trainers and sandals. I don't have any thermals so will take some extra leggings. I like the fact you are taking extra duck tape!

Are you flying from Heathrow? Do we need to check in 2 or 3 hours before?


I will get to Heathrow for about 4:30am, hopefully that should be enough time. 

Blimey how are you fitting trainers and sandals in???  I might have to go with the bigger rucksack as my 60ltr is not holding that much.  I have 4 pairs of walking trousers, 8 t-shirts, 1 warm top, 1 waterproof jacket and washing detergent.  I'm really hoping that will do.  I've also realised that I don't think I have enough money so will have to take my debit card.  I will only be buying bits for my parents so don't really need spare money.  I've never been away for this amount of time so really don't know what I will need.


The solution is I will be wearing the trainers and the sandals are little more than flip flops. See you tomorrow

Will squeeze a few more things in and sit on the rucksack.  See you in the morning, bright and early tomorrow.


Hope your travel not too bad - looking forward to meeting up.


Bill & Alison. 

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