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Oh to avoid the Christmas chaos..

Hi Groomster,

I've managed to avoid several Christmases with Exodus - those trips do seem to book up quickly! This trip seems particularly good and I'm really looking forward to it. Exodus tell me the trip is nearly fully booked, with equal numbers of men and women, singles and couples. Some are walking the Inca Trail; some (like me) will be taking the train to Machu Picchu.

See you in December.

Barry Walker


Literally just booked the last two places on the trip today!  Already very excited.  First time that we have been away for Christmas and New Year and can't wait to escape.  First time to South America too.  We are actually on the Continental flight out of Heathrow rather than LAN but sounds like there are a number of other people doing the same. 

See you all in just under 3 months.

Paul and Jo


Barry Walker

Hi Paul & Jo. I'm on that flight to. Look out for an elderly bloke with an Exodus tag on his pack.

Barry Walker

Hi everyone , I booked a place on this trip way back in June , going to be walking the Inca trail..

Im on the Iberia flight out of Heathrow .

Looking forward to it all .


Lovely to virtually meet you... I'm on the Continental flight on 16th too but have baulked at the idea of the Inca Trail! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

First time to S America though it's been on the list for some time - should be great!


Exodus trip notes describe malaria prophylaxis as essential on this trip. My travel clinic assure me that the only risk is in ther couple of days we spend in the rain forest (though whatever you take you need to take it before and after that period). Of course you should all seek advice and make your own minds up, but, particularly with malarone that's quite a financial saving, not to mention the matter of taking drugs unnescessarily. Anyone received different advice?



Hi everyone, we booked this trip in the Summer and are getting very excited now! Looking forward to meeting everyone and sampling all that Peru has to offer including the Inca Trail (must be mad!). We're visiting the nurse next week so will let you know what advice she gives about malaria. 

See you all in December,

Eve and Loz  


I read that in the notes too...

My nurse said no need for pills as we won't be in high risk areas - just strong spray!!

Certainly the map she gave me showed low to no risk for everything except The Amazon trip which was variable. 

I hope she's right.



We were wondering whether malaria tablets were needed too.  Just been on the website and the only place that they say that it is 'usually advised' is Puerto Maldonado when we go into the jungle.  On the WHO website it seemed to think the worst place for malaria was Loreto which is way up in the north but they did mention that there is a risk in the jungle.  But I guess things change so best to seek advice.

I've just been on the Destinations forum and there's the same questions being asked re tablets/no tablets, but for a different time of year. The general consensus is that they are needed for the Amazon couple of days only. Some advice re sprays and suitable clothing for the Amazon also there.

It comes down to your attitude to gambling I suppose.


I'm doing the INca Trail and Amazon trip just after you guys - my nurse said don't bother with the malaria precautions necessarily but since Exodus recommend it, I'd go by their judgement. Mosquitoes don't stop on boundary lines! You *really* don't want to mess with malaris (trust me) for the sake of a few quid. You only need the Malarone for a few days, not the whole trip, so it's not that expensive. You can also take one of the other alternatives which are much cheaper (though I wouldn't recommend Larium as it has a risk of hallucinations and so on and I know people who've been very ill with it), though they have more risk of side effects (dodgy stomach, mainly). You can take a few of these pills a while before you go to check whether you get the side effects or not....

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