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PERU Explorer APX (Fri 18th Dec)

Hi all, Anyone going on the Peru explorer departing on Fri 18th Dec?  I am going alone and cannot wait as it looks like a fantastic trip.  First time travelling alone so also scared to death!


hi Laith,

 We are also on that trip, busy trying to work out what to take, are you doing the inca trail ?

We are flying in from Manchester, get to Lima early evening.


David & Jane 

Hi Dave & Jane,  I will be also flying out of Manchester via Amsterdam to arrive in Lima on Fri 17th at 17:50.  I am flying out a day earier.  Its only just struck me that the trip is less than 6 weeks away so need to get busy also thinking what to pack.  Yes I am also going on the Inca trail.


Hi everyone


I have literally just booked, very last minute and I'm very excited. Only JUST managed to get a flight.  First time I have been on a group trip but have travelled alone and independently lots.  You will be fine Laith, it's  great opportunity to meet like minded souls., so you're not going to be alone:)


So much to do, best strat planning me thinks:)


Look forward to meeting you all



How are you all doing?


My list of things to take is growing ridiculously long...and I havent even started on clothes yet! I've ordered an extra battery for my camera incase it runs out on the Inca Trail.  Who is taking treeking poles?  Ive only ever used them once in the Grand Canyon but given we have 3000 steps on the 3rd day, I think my poor knees will thank me for them


Hi - I am also arriving to arrive early and should be in Lima late on the Thursday evening - willing to stand the first drink in the bar for any other members of the advanced party! 

Hi Mike, Now that sounds like a plan and a good way to kick off the adventure.  I will be arriving Thur evening at 17:50 on the KLM flight from Amsterdam so see you then.

Hi Alice, I have not even started thinking about packing yet  but need to pull my finger out and get moving this week.  Spoke with one of the staff at Exodus and they reckoned that poles where not needed but I may well invest in some just in case.  Also the down jacket is not necessary and she reckonedthat I go for layers instead. 

I was in South America for the last two weeks on business and was in Bogota for 3 days which is 2800m above sea level.  Bloody hell I felt like an old man going up the stairs I was so out of breathe.  Peru should be fun as its much higher....... 



Hi everyone

 I'm arriving on the Friday so look forward to meeting you all.  I am taking trekking poles purely for the Inca trail.  Ive never used them before but I did speak with someone from Exodus and it was suggested that it would be a good idea given the terrain and the dreaded steps. I've got everything out all ready to pack and have invested in a comfortable blow up light weight mattress too.  Not sure how much money to take, was thinking around £600 to include meals, drinks, tips and taxes.

Hopefully we will have aclimatised by the time we get to do the Inca trail, Laith.  Hoping.....:) It does sound like an exciting trip and it's not long to go. These next few weeks will fly by! What a great way to spend xmas




Im bumping as this was beginning to get buried!



Hows the packing going chaps? 9 days to go!

Test pack last weekend. lots of decisions required on what to leave out, looks like duvet jacket will not make the cut !

Get family christmas completed next weekend, then its up and away! (-:




Hi everyone


Are any of you confirming your flights?  I tried to find out from exodus but they didnt seem to know.  I booked my own flight a few weeks ago so a bit concerned how I will be able to confirm on the return leg



Hi Everyone! Wished I'd booked from Manchester, but will be heading in from Heathrow via Madrid on Friday. Really looking forward to meeting you all there,


Mike, I am also arriving on Thur on the KLM flight from Amsterdam landing at 17:50 local time.  When do you arrive on Thur?  Do want to share a taxi to the hotel if your arrival time is close?  If not then lets plan to meet in the evening to have that beer you suggested.

Anyone else arriving on Thur?


My flights is dur to arrive at Lima at 2235. Optimistically I will be through customs by 2300 hours and at the hotel just efore midnight. If you are still around at that time I will buy you a beer. Leave a message in reception if you are still up for beer. Failing this breakfast in the morning?


Lets hope our plane takes off OK! There is going to be heavy snow during the night 


Caroline, I assume you are on the same flight as me...Heathrow - Madrid.  I have phoned Exodus and if we are delayed, they will be aware and will send someone to meet us. If you see this message and fancy meeting up at Heathrow or Madrid, look out for a woman in khaki trousers and a green rucksack and green coat/green cardigan...depending how hot the airport is:)  I have shoulder length dark hair...oh and I will be wearing hiking boots too

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