Hi Anyone else on this trip ?


My friend and I are coming on this trip can not wait!


Hello, i am coming , first trip with exodus, excited but nervous!


Hi there, i'm going on this trip. Really looking forward to it but a little apprehensive.

Anyone else travelling from Northern Ireland? 


Hi all,
Beginning to think about this trip now. Basic question wheelie case or rucksack?
Are you all flying from London?

Hi Fiona,

I think a rucksack ( or a soft bag ) is the safer bet if you have one, they are easier to stack in the transport,  I suggest a read of page 5 of the trip notes, as luggage on the trek bit is limited, with porters carrying some, and anything else you carry yourself, I guess some luggage can be left somewhere.  It all requires a bit more thought than chucking it all in.

I use a 80 ltr rucksack and a 30 ltr day pack, which is a flexable arrangement, but starting with a half hour walk from home its really the only option.

I shall travel from near Bristol to LHR by coach, to link up with the group flight.

Dave P..


Thanks Dave, good advice. Will be shopping soon for said rucksack! Beginning to get really excited about this trip. I see you have done a few!!!! I am travelling from Stockholm to London, to meet group. Couldnr get a direct flight, but actually quite happy now as want to meet everyone beforehand. Fiona

Hi Fiona,

It can be difficult finding fellow travelers at the airport, just so many people. also even if you spot an Exodus luggage label, they may be on a different trip. generaly you meet the others when leaving the arrival airport.  ( I look for people wearing walking boots ).

Personaly I pefer rucksacks with side pockets, used for waterproofs, then you know where they are, and have quick and easy access to them, ( good for sudden storms ). 

Dave P..


Anyone got ideas or good advice about what clothes we need to bring and necessary accessories?

Maybe you could write up a packing list for us Dave??

Fiona - I'me planning on using a wheeled soft bag and a day rucksack. Also, I'me flying from London too so hopefully we can meet up there before our flight to Madrid. 


Hi Roisin

I do not normally think about a trip until about a week before, but this one does require a bit more thought. I have two trips before this one so its not been the first priority, but I will have a serious think about it when I return from the next one on 10-June 

Dave P..


Hi Roisin

 Packing list, well everyone has different ideas on what they need to take, the advice on page 7 of the trip notes is a good start. Day time clothing and the amount is a personal choice, but long trousers and a warm top for evenings is normally a must. The biggest problem is not knowing how cold it may get, so I guess thermals will need to be included.  The jungle section is only 3 days total, so the weight restriction should not be a problem.

The Inca Trail is a different matter,  at 5 days and a 7Kg porter limit.  As a guide I have just weighed my sleeping bags, the winter bag weighs 2Kg, summer one 1.6Kg, thermal liner 0.5Kg, and foam mat

less than 0.5Kg  I think I may just take the winter bag, but not totally sure. Possibly a good idea is to get out all you need for the trek and weigh it all, then work out what needs to be carried by yourself.

( then change your mind and dump what you don't really need ).

Other possible gems of wisdom,

I pack everything in dry bags, it segegates things, and no worries if luggage gets a soaking.

Travel wearing your walking boots, ( always asume airline will mislay your luggage ).

Travel with your washing Kit/Towel, ( same reason as above ). 

Full waterproofs, always in the day pack.

Toilet roll, always in day pack.

asprin in case of headaches at altitude.

Head tortch, so much better than a hand held one.

Bear in mind water is 1Kg per litre.

Thats about all the brain can come up with at present, I hope its a help, but will be happy to try and answer any areas that I have missed.

Dave P..



Thanks for this, really useful info. I am beginning to plan now, got a few things to buy but will do that over the next few weeks. Can i ask all about money( always tricky) just a rough amount of dollars, how much to take? And peruvian currency?? Anyone up for arranging a meet in heathrow? I will be there from early morning onwards on the 27th as i am meeting family en route home. If anyone would like to meet, let me know. If not possible, see you in Lima!

How many US$ to take, well I normally take too much as any left over can be used on a future trip. From the notes it looks like :-

Tips          60

Tips (Trek) 50

Meals       200

Beer          ??

+ any of the options,   all of them = $215

+ souvenirs,  and the unexpected.

As for peruvian currency, I would expect that Tips and any options could be paid in UD$ not sure about the lodge in the Amazon (possibly). But meals etc, possibly best in nuevo sol. As days 5 & 6 are in Cuzco with opportunities for changing money, only a small amount need be changed at the start of the trip..

I shall be arriving at LHR(5) at 14:25  27-July by National Express Coach from Bristol. Happy to meet anyone before traveling, would need to arrange a meeting point ( shop or cafe ?? )..

Dave P..





Many thanks Dave for all the useful advice regarding items to pack and money - I have been advised by a few others that I should wait & hire a sleeping bag when we get there. Do you know if this is possible?


Fiona, it would be great to meet before our flight to Madrid. I arrive in Heathrow (terminal 4 I think!) at 2:15pm from Belfast. I'm not familiar with shops or cafes in Terminal 5  though how about 3:30pm as a suitable time, if someone else wants to name a place?



Hi all
I am on the trip with my partner Julie and looking forward to everything.
Making sure what we take seems to be the important bit so any advice is most welcome particularly as there is a weight limit. Thanks Dave for your input - very useful.
We will be at Heathrow about 16.00 so would be happy to meet anyone else after check-in.
Looking forward to meeting you all

Im booked into this trek next year. Regarding sleeping bags, i requested one when i booked the holiday, it was £35 for the trip. If its anything like the pervious trek i went on with Exodus, the tour leader will give you the sleeping bag on arrival

 Might be worth asking Exodus to add one on for you and ask if you can pay now


I hope to meet you all at Starbucks around 4.00pm! Not long now. Very excited about this trip. Fiona :)


4pm at Starbucks sounds good Fiona - see you there

Yes getting really excited about the trip now, though deciding what to bring and what not to

bring is going to be a challenge!

Happy packing everyone,



Does anyone have details of the flight from Puerto Maldonado to cuzco? they dont seem to feature anywhere on my I need to contact Exodus

Fiona - I just got my flight details for next years trip and i dont have those flights booked either.

When i went to Everest Base Camp the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla wasnt prebooked and was booked buy the guide the day before the flight. I suspect its the same with the Puerto Maldonado to cuzco flight

Hi Fiona,

No need to contact Exodus regarding the Internal flight, these flights are arranged localy, tickets may be given out at the start of the tour, or at the airport, one way or another they just happen, so no need to even think about it.

Dave P.. 


Thanks folks, just a panic as i read through notes carefully for the first time!! See you all soon :))

What injections have people had for this trek? Do you need Rabies as i know this costs a fortune


Looking forward to the trip now, will see you all on friday in starbucks! Paul I have had Yellow fever, Typhoid and the malaria tablets. I hope this helps.

Thanks for that. Enjoy your trip!

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