Peru - Inca Trail, Titicaca, Nazca


I have booked this Peru trip, would be interested to hear from anyone else on the same trip and counting the days.



Hi Nick

Me and my husband Jason are also booked onto this trip!  Currently deciding what to take etc!

Have you been given a green kitbag?  They weigh a ton and will take up most of my normal bag sp currently deciding how best to pack!!

 We arrive in Lima on the Friday so see you at the joining meet on Saturday


Ren :-) 


The trip is pretty much fully booked - they had one space available last week when I checked!

 I guess people just don't write on these sites :-)



Hi, David and Jackie here, six days to go and getting excited. Bit confused re the packing as, as you say Ren the kit bag is big and heavy - nearly as big as our suitcases! We’re flying from Humberside airport to join the main Lima flight at Schiphol.

Hello All,

 Yes I have the green kitbag so will be packing it in my travelling kit bag but it does eat away at the weight allowance. I think the KLM allowance is 23kg but I was wondering whether that would be the same for the internal flight to Juliaca.

I am flying from Cardiff to Schiphol to join the group flight.



Hi Nick,

Just checked TACA and LAN airlines and it appears luggage allowance for either appears to be 23kgs. Don't know what Exodus have got planned but looks like flights to Juliaca leave Lima 09:35 or 10:30hrs with a flight time of 1hr 40mins.

David & Jackie

Hello David & Jackie,

Thanks for the information. I will be trying to travel as light as posible so I hope to be comfortably inside the 23Kg.

Not long to go now!



Silly question perhaps but apart from the stuff for the Inca Trail, what else are you guys taking?  Any idea on what the weather will be like?

We're leaving tomorrow morning for Lima.......

See you at the hotel Saturday! 

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