Peru - Malaria and Rabies advice

Hello. I've just been to see the Nurse for travel advice and she says I won't need malaria tablets for this particular trip as we don't visit any areas with a high malaria risk.  I just wondered if anyone who has been/ is going on trip TDP could confirm this, as I'm sure I heard in the past that malaria pills were required.

Also - any thoughts on whether the rabies jab is advised would be useful. My concern is that if I'm bitten during the Inca Trail, it may be several days until I can get too a hospital (i.e too late!).

Many Thanks.


i too have been told it's not a malarial area - but the trip notes say that malaria prophylaxis is essential.

can somebody from exodus confirm?

Hi Anita and Lyndsey,

Thanks for spotting the error in the Trip Notes about malaria. It's not necessary for this trip, as you don't visit malarial areas, but if you're taking the Amazon Rainforest extension we strongly you take anti-malarials. I'll get these notes updated as soon as possible with the correct information.

Regarding rabies jabs, there is nowhere on the itinerary where you are more than 24 hours away from a clinic or hospital, even on the Inca Trail, so if you do get bitten (fingers crossed this won't happen!) you would be able to get rabies injections afterwards, saving you the initial expense and pain of getting them in advance. 

I hope this helps, and I hope you have a great trip.


Tim (Peru trip manager)


thanks tim.

really looking forward to this trip :)


Thank you - that is really reassuring to know!

I assume we will need malaria tablets as we are going into Amazon area on this trip?


 Trip starting 1st October. Can I assume it will be just cold and cold and bring fleeces etc or will we have any hot weather. If just cold I know what not to bring!





Jane Walker

Be prepared for all seasons in one day in the Andes.


Hi I leave the end of this week for Peru ( I know a bit late for advice ) but I have had conflicting information in whether I need anti Malaria tablets,as I work awkward hrs I have overlooked getting sorted with these ! will this be a problem, I have all the other usual methods ready sprays creams long tops etc ... Arrrrrrrrh.

Hi, unfortunately you do, we found you could get them at Tesco much cheaper. Enjoy your trip it was fantastic.

Sandra Barrett

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