Peru November - who else is going??

Just thought I would say Hi to anyone else going on this trip.  Really excited - and hoping that I'm fit enough for the "hills".  :P

 Sarah :-)



I am also booked on this trip with a friend, am really looking forward to visiting Peru just hope the hills dont get the better of me.


Hello, yes I'm going too... Really looking forward to it all, especially as I've never booked a holiday this far in advance before! 

I haven't got involved on these forums before either, so just realised I need to get a suitably adventurous-looking pic to stick on here. I haven't got any sky diving ones though! Something you do often?! 

Speak soon hopefully, Rob 


I've booked this trip too and am very excited! Not yet ready for the hills, but am now in training mode! Will be booking a few rambles methinks Sarah :)

Can't wait for the full day of rafting, how exciting?! :D


so, anybody got any other holiday booked over the summer? November still seems so far away!

I'm off to Wales in August - was thinking of climbing Snowdon for a bit of practice..... how about you?


Looking forward to the rafting to, just spent a week in wales and did some rafting while i was there had a great time. November seems so far away only 5 and half months to go.



Hi, just found my way into the compass cafe and found you all - I'm booked on this trip too, really excited although slightly nervous having looked at all your fit looking profile pics!!!  Better get training...

I'm trying to plan kit - anyone else looking at this yet?  I know I'm stupidly early but I'm too excited to sit back and do nothing!  Anyone found any great things or dab hands at packing for this kind of trip & have any advice??  Cheers


Hi All, booked too with good friends Jacky, Gill, Mike and Richard. Really looking forward, but i think we need to do some training, especially me!

Steve :-)


Hi to you all from a computer illiterate sheep farmer. I might work out one day how to get a photo onto this thing! I live in mid west wales and have been up snowdon this summer and also done lots of walks over the plymlimon hills. Really looking forward to the trip and meeting you all. Why do you all look so darn young fit and adventurous!!



Not long to go - and I am not ready for the "hills" yet. Where have the months gone. Seriously need to get some hill walking practice in, in the next few weeks.

Caroline: My photo looks young fit and adventurous because it is a very old photo hehe.

Really excited about this trip.

Did anyone watch Denise and Ferns charity trek on ITV2 last Monday??? They were on the Inca Trail. Second part is on Monday the 1st of November at 9pm....

Rach and I are getting the flight from London anyone else??

Cant wait to meet you all

Sarah :-)

My email address is: [email protected] (Sarah Purcell) if your on facebook. If you find me, tell me your on the trip too, as I dont just add anyone as a friend :-)


Yes i'm flying from Heathrow. I didn't see Denise & Ferns trek last monday but i'll try and catch it next monday. Off over the good old welsh hills again tomorrow, looks like it will be a nice day here.
Two weeks and we'll be there.......


Not long to go now...

I'll be at Heathrow too, at whatever ungodly hour it is. Will look out for the walking boots and exodus bags, which will surely give us all away!


Getting really excited- Been watching Denise and Fern looks amazing.-Look forward to meeting everyone at Heathrow.


Hi everyone, I can't believe we'll be there sooooo soon!! I'm flying from Birmingham and will arrive just before the Heathrow lot so look forward to meeting you in Lima. As for looking fit and healthy - well you'll notice I've chosen a particularly tiny photo of me just attempting something healthy -means nothing thou!! See you all soon, Ingx


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making my trip even more special.  Had a fantastic 2 weeks and am wishing we were still there drinking a Cusquena.


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