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Hello to everyone coming on this trip. Time to get excited! Hard to believe that in two weeks time we'll be getting to know one another (and the spiders!) in the rain forest. I know this is a solos holiday, but I'm coming with my partner, Andy. Don't worry, we will still talk to you! We've opted for the moonstone trek. Anyone joining us? Would be good to hear from you before we go. Heather

Hello Heather, Peter from Canada here - looks like I will be joining you and Andy on this trip to Peru and the Moonstone Trek. I found out that there will be 7 people in total going on the Moonstone Trek - 7 of the 16 people meeting at the beginning of the trip in Lima.  I will be flying in on the 7th with my friend Stephen - one day early. Just to make sure that we don't miss any conections. That makes for four of the seven on the Moonstone. I can scarcely contain my anticipation! My first time booking with Exodus but Stephen has traveled before with Exodus and enjoyed their services tremendously. Trying to gauge just how cool it will get on the trek portion at night and what to pack. - Peter


Im on thgis trip, but not doing the moonstone trek. have started to sort my stuff to pak today.... its not going well... it looks like I have way to much stuff to take.. lol... and i thought i was paking light...   Just looking at the inca trail section i think my sleeping bag and roll mat will take up the 7kg limit in its self... so i will have to be very ruthless in what I take...

 I do hate paking thou, its my least favorite part out of all holidays..  


I'm doing the moonstone trek... or as my freinds like to call it... the what? I've just packed and am now unpacking.  It's a game I play.  A nor'easter is presently blowing up the coast of Nova Scotia so a little jungle sounds pretty good.  I also wonder about the temperature at high altitude.  Hmmmm.  (That's me wondering.) Looking forward to meeting everytone.




Hello Peter and Stephen and "j". Thanks for getting in touch. I've been on a couple of Exodus walking holidays in Europe but this is something entirely different and I can't wait for the adventure to begin now. I've packed everything on my very long list - expecting it to be very cold (freezing) at night on the trek and wanting to get the better of those mosquitos in the rainforest. Hope you have a safe flight - we are flying from Manchester early on Sat morning and get to Lima about 6pm. See you soon! Heather 

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