Picos Peaks and Gorges, 25 Jul - 1 Aug 09 Army News

Hello everyone. I hope everyone recovered from their sore knees etc on their return.

 I got the army job (beat two guys, one already in the post!), but can't resign my current position  until I have passed a medical, and got the Criminal Records Bureau check back. After that, it's mine!

Take care.

Louise Bates


hi louise - gary and jackie here - nice to hear from you - so pleased it all went well with the interview. We miss the mountains SO much - Somerset just doesn't cut it somehow! Can't wait for the next trip. What a great holiday, with a lovely set of people. Please feel free to get in touch directly on [email protected]

all the very best

Gary and Jackie Buckley

Good news about the job.

We had a good trip back from the Picos in the car, via the Basque country and the Pyrenees.

John has posted his photos (goto 'Picos Peaks and Gorges' page and click on the 'Images' tab.





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