PNSV - Spitzbergen Explorer Akademik Sergey Vavilov


After having just come back from the Antarctic from an amazing trip on this ship, I've booked to go on the photographic trip to Spitzbergen.  Anyone else going?


Any last packing tips?

A norwegian colleague of mine has flown SAS a fair bit and has never had her carry-on luggage weighed so sods law states I'll be the first:) Keep an eye out for someone furiously stuffing camera gear and a laptop into a rucksack at check-in! Hold luggage is currently a pair of shorts and a Martini shaker! 





Hi All

I have also managed to check-in on-line just now too!!

Carry-on ruck sack overweight (10.5k) and hold baggage probably just on allowance - with tripod in (fingers crossed!!)  

see you tomorrow!

Colin Whittaker

See you all tomorrow. Hold luggage just below limit but not alot of clothes! Hand luggage at 9.5kg so here's hoping.

I hope everyone got home safely - I'm having serious trouble focussing on anything work-related  this morning.


What a wonderful trip.  So glad I came back to sunlight.  Looking forward to the next one.

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