Polar Bears

Hi There

Anyone going to the Bears want to chat.

I'm super excited about the trip after venturing into the white depths in Antarctica for the 1st time last year.


Hi Jo,

Yes, my wife and are are raring to go, should have most of the gear now.

Been on a couple of photography courses to get off Auto and hope fully be able to get some decent pics.

1st time to the polar regions for us, how was Antarctica ?

Any tips/insights greatly appreciated. 



My husband and I are on the trip to Spitsbergen and we are so excited it is our first trip doing this type of holiday. 

We are keen amateur photographers and would like some tips on what to expect. 




Hi there,

I'm on this trip as well, really looking forward to it.  I also ventured to Antarctica for the first time last year, on Paul's photographic trip.  I'm hoping the wildlife and scenery will be just as spectacular.



Hi Denise - I was also on Paul's Antarctica trip - we must know each other.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in June. Have to confess I am NOT a photographer AT ALL!  Made Paul promise on the last trip that I was not obliged to take a camera. I just rely on all the other enthusiasts to get some pics to share when I get home. Am going with good friends Linda and Hein who both take loads of pics and were with me on the trip south last year as well.

Have all my gear together - warm outer jacket and light warm inner's is all thats needed - o yes and a warm hat to cover ears too.

Most important is a warm heart and big smile and an adventurous spirit.

Blessings all


Hi there

Janet and I are ready and waiting will be our fist trip to a polar region we are usualy found in Africa

looking forward to meeting you all

Vic and Janet


Hi Denise and Everyone

I too was on Paul's whale trip to Antarctica. This will be my 3rd trip to the Arctic and it is a magical place. Not as cold as Antarctica and smaller bergs, but fantastic scenery and hopefully lots of wildlife. Previous trips meant polar bears, walrus, arctic foxes, whales and lots of birds. The scenery is outstanding and with almost 24 hours of daylight you can photograph things nearly all day.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.




Hi Moira, dont know you were on trip!  Several from Antarctica are as well and from my Lapland trip.

See you soon,  Denise


Looking forward to this trip. Had amazing Antarctica trip last yar. All so exciting getting close up to the wildlife. Hopefully we will have lots of  Polar Bear sightings!

Look forward to meeting you all.



We are so looking forward to this trip but it is the first one of it's kind for us. Any tips? 



Hi, been mega busy and so just got onto here - 2nd exodus trip having done the Inca Trail in November. Keen if ungifted amateur photographer, and really looking forward to this trip.


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