Potential Airport Strikes

Jumping the gun a bit I know, but I'm slightly worried by the news today that Heathrow may be closed down due to the proposed air strikes (I fly 27th August - bank holiday weekend).  What happens in such an event?




Seconded - I fly a couple of weeks later (on a different trip), but it'd be nice to know what contingency measures Exodus have (or plan to have) in place.




Hi guys. Got same concerns re:Airport strikes, as we also fly on 27th Aug. I'm hoping that we can fly from Gatwick as this airport does not seem to be affected. Hope the team at Exodus have a contingency plan.  Fingers crossed that they call it off, not too bothered if they strike on way back lol.


Hi Guys

We have been discussing this at the office. I know we all remember too well the BA strikes, that in the end where not that difficult to cope with, and the Ash Cloud chaos, BUT this time we are all alot more confident that these strikes will not go ahead. If they do happen, then we will of course do all we can to get people out to their holidays and back home. Those who have bought a package (including international flights) will be fully financially protected. Those who have bought their own flights unfortunately not. In summary we will aim to get people re-booked to travel from a different airport or the following day. If we cant manage to get you to you trip, you will get your money back. If a strike is announced, we will put a detailed policy and guideance note on the website. 

Hope that helps 

Mike James - Operations Director. Exodus. 

Hi Mike and all other posters, you are I am sure glad that the strikes have been averted as I was wondering exactly the same flying on 28 Aug from Heathrow.  I too wondered if Gatwick would be an option, non BAA Controlled and closer to me which is always a bonus.  Glad to see that Exodus had contingency plans in place, problem I would have had would be moving more than two days later due to work committments, but guess would have to postpone trip until later in year.  So nice to see Exodus thinking ahead, inspires confidence for my up and coming trip and I cannot wait to get there!


Thankfully no strikes (phew!), but as other posters on here have said, it's really reassuring to see Exodus had contingency plans in place.  Thankyou very much for you reply.  It is very much appreciated.


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