Primate Safari - departing 25th Sept


Just got my departure info.  Just wondered who else will be joining me?  Can't wait!



Hi Jo - 

We'll be joining you! That's me and my friend (of way too many years to mention) Emma.

Can't wait either - the trip sounds totally amazing!




Great!  Nice to know who a few of my fellow travellers are before I go!  I'm coming on my own - my boyfriend is quite jealous!

 Hope to meet up with you both at Nairobi for the long 6 hour wait for our flight to Kigali!



Yeah 6 hours in Nairobi Airport - plenty of time to get to know everyone!  Emma is also leaving a jealous boyfriend at home, I'm single and have no such worries :-)

Are you taking a mosquito net? Not sure if they are provided or not.  We are trying to pack light but its not easy - I'll be traumatised after a painful separation with my hair straighteners!


Hi Jo, Sally and Emma

Another two travellers accounted for Ann & Anthony.  We are travelling from Manchester.  We should have arrived in Kagali at 8am, but just been told the flift has been changed to 12ish, so I guess we will be joining youwith the 6 hour wait.  

We are really excited for this trip, especially after seeing two recent TV documentaries showing the Gorilla treks.


Look forward to meeting you all.



Hi Ann and Anthony!

The documentaries did look amazing - although I'd be quite happy if we don't encounter the Fire Ants!

See you next week!




Hi all

I missed those programmes - were they on BBC?  May check the iPlayer.

Also just to say I wasn't going to take a mossie net.  We are staying in guest houses and not camping so assume we will be OK.  What you think?


We are just taking lots of Mossie spray etc.  The documentaries were Stephen Tomkinson Balloon Safari - the firt one, he actually did the the gorilla trip we are doing and lasts weeks Stephen Frys series, it wasn't Rwanda but similar trip.  It really gave you an insight of what we will be doing and seeing.

Where are you all flying from?

Not long now!!!


We are flying from Heathrow.

OK - we won't rush out and buy a mosquito net - 1 less thing to pack!

Sally and Emma. 



Hi again

 I checked the trip notes and i think the only odd thing to take are gloves (gardening ones suggested) for the gorilla trek as lots of nettles and spikey things!

Not seen those two programmes - will see if I can hunt them down!

I'm flying from Heathrow but suspect we will be like needles in a haystack til we get to Nairobi!

Less than 2 weeks to go!


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