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Hi, am hoping someone can give me a realistic idea of how strenous the trek to see the Gorillas is (based on the closest group, I know this can obviously vary greatly).  We were due to do this trip last September but unfortunately my fairly active mother (64) had a very minor stroke and we had to postpone. 

 Although she walks 3-5 miles about 5 days a week (and would do more in preparation for the trip as she can get breathless) she, has lost her confidence and thinks this trip will no longer be possible for her.

 So I am hoping that someone else out there will be able to tell us otherwise!

 Many thanks in advance


Just come back today form this trip. The gorillas are fantastic. I did the closest troup which was the Ugende group. We were walking for about 1.5hrs each way. Once insde the park boundaries it was only about 15 mins before we came across the gorillas. If your mother can walk 3 to 5 miles each day for 5 days a week I think she is fit enough. The only differnece is possibly the terrain. The walk I did was fairly easy but others in the group who visited the more remote gorilla groups found it very hard going. The altitude doesn't help. Ask Exdodus if they can gurantee that your mother will be able to get in a party of 8 going to see the closest gorilla group. If you want to know any more email at [email protected]




Dear Andrea,

thanks for your enquiry and your interest in our Primate Safari trip.

After having talked to our local operator in Rwanda, I would like to reassure you about the fact that we think it won't be a problem for your mother to join the trip. The guide usually follows the slowest client pace and, although the difficulty of the trek certainly depends on where the gorillas are, there is a group of them which is usually closer than the others. Therefore, if your mother decides to go on the trip, the guides will make sure that she will be tracking the closest gorilla family and that wouldn't be too strenuous for her. 

I hope this helps, however please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries. Our staff has travelled  extensively and you can talk to an expert who has been on the gorilla trek if you wish.

 Best Regards

Daniela Pontis

Trip Manager


Many thanks Nigel and Daniela

 The docs have said there is no reason for her not to give it ago, but unfortunately due to other plans it will not be until next year now.

 Still they say the best things come to those who wait!!!


I went to see the gorillas twice and both times were quite easy journeys. What was NOT easy at all was the trek to see the chimpanzees. Apparently sometimes they're practically waiting for you when you get off the jeep, but on the trip I took, we hiked up and down a mountain for close to six hours and it was a very strenuous experience, even for someone young and relatively healthy. Just wanted you to be aware of that for future planning.

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