The project needs your help

My appreciation for your work goes without saying. I think that everyone involved in traveling related projects brings the world a little bit closer for others to reach. And what a great goal that is!

I’m sure no one is a big fan of people’s self promotion, still please allow me to tell you my simple story.

The PinMyWAY project is based on the idea that we all should have free and convenient access to essential information while traveling.

The digital era offers the perfect instrument for achieving that - apps - and there are quite a few traveling related ones available out there. Have you found the traveling app for you? I didn’t! Tried a bunch of them, however none was meeting all my requirements. The next best thing was The Cartographer App but it was retired by its developer.

So, I decided to deal with this issue myself, got development team on board, and started working on my very own travel app, called PinMyWAY, which I personally managed and sponsored.

The app, available on iTunes since September 7th 2013, after months of hard work, makes all of us involved in the project proud! Here are some reasons why:

- The app is 100% free of charge – no costs for downloading, no in-app purchases;

- Today the app offers near 150 walking tours throughout near 100 cities and new routes are constantly added;

- The city tours are easy to read and self-reliant: just follow the blue line and learn about the attractions marked – read the text and look at the photos. As you follow the route, your current location will be displayed on the map. Plus, you can also use the Compass Feature which shows you direction and exact distance from where you are located on the route to where you would like to go;

- The city tours are customizable. As a more experienced traveler you might want to change the route’s line, add/ delete some pins (that’s how we call the tourist attractions) or take your own photos of them and insert those into the route. PinMyWAY allows you to do all that;

- You can create and manage your own routes by simply using your iPhone (draw the route’s line, add or delete pins, take your own photos of the sights and attractions and insert those) or load the route made via GoogleMaps into the application, simply by inserting the required reference;

- There’s no need for an internet connection. Cache the route you want and offline you go (no traffic whatsoever).

That’s not all - I’ve got some exciting plans for the future:

Cross platform reach - now the app is only available for iPhone and iPod users;

Sharing goes to the next level - creating a special platform which enables all users to create, store and share routes, by using some simple tools;

Include tours based on movies/ books - who doesn’t want to follow their favorite characters around the world?!

In order for PinMyWAY to not stop evolving and remain free of charge, I need your help! If something from my short description resonated with your own view of the way traveling should be, please get in touch.

The main need at this moment is to let more people know about the app - something I believe you could help with. However every feedback/ suggestion coming my team’s way is highly appreciated.

I would be honored if you could try the app and join forces with PinMyWAY.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my story! 


Yours truly,


PinMyWAY founder

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