Pyramids Park Hotel to downtown Cairo

I read that the Park Hotel near Giza is a fair way out of Cairo. I land in Caro from Dubai  at 11 am and as the group does not arrive until 16h00 or so, I am wondering if I have time to go downtown by the hotel shuttle and come back in time for the group meeting. I am not one to lounge by the pool so will be itching to be out and about.

You are right, the Pyramids Park is a long way from the city centre and airport. And traffic can be pretty dire, even on the rasied free-ways that run through the city. If you do head into town, you risk alot of time in traffic (approx 1 hour each way?). The other problem being that Cairo is quite spread out, so there is not really an obvious point to head to, and you'll be seeing the best things on your city tour the next day. Apart from the Pyramids themselves, there really is not much to see in Giza, while they are buidling a new museum, but I doubt that will be open by then. So, unfortunately it might be the pool after all (it is a particularly nice one)...

hope that helps - Mike


Thank you! It might just be catch up on sleep .... by the pool (my friends are flying in from Mauritius via Dubai). 



My wife and I both spent extra time at the Pyramids Park hotel at the end of our Egyptian Discoverer tour last year. From memory, the hotel runs a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the Archaelogical Museum and back again. We didn't use it, but hopefully I'm remembering the times correctly. It goes into town early in the morning (before you'll get there) and heads back at 6 or 7pm. If you're arriving at 11am, you should probably head to the hotel and check in before deciding if you are happy to wait there for the group to arrive or wish to head into town for a few hours. The hotel has plenty to offer, from a huge swimming pool, to several restaurants (Lebanese, local and Italian from memory), a couple of small shops and more besides. When we were there, we spoke to the hotel concierge about our options for getting into town and he organised an English speaking driver and car for us for a few hours for the equivelent of about £30.
If you miss the arrival of the group at the hotel, your tour leader will leave instructions at reception or contact you in your room.
Your tour looks like it will run full, since there are currently 19 out of a potential 20 passengers booked on. The vast majority will arrive on the 16:10 BMI flight and probably get to the hotel at about 6pm. That said, there are other people arriving later on BA and KLM flights too.



Many thanks for the very useful information. I shall follow your advice and make up my mind after checking in. The car+ driver option is appealing as there are 4 of us arriving together. Also, is it a
good idea to just get a taxi from the airport as opposed to booking a transfer upfront? Will one taxi accommodate 4 pax? Thank you.


A taxi from the airport will probably cost you about half of what a private transfer organised in advance would come to. You may struggle to get four of you (and luggage) into one taxi though, so probably best to split into two lots of two.


I recently canceled a tour with OAT and rebooked with Exodus for the Egyptology tour beginning on Feb. 20th.  As I made my own air reservations, and a change on Delta requires the equivalent of a second mortgage on your home, I am arriving on the 16th.  I booked four nights additional at the Pyramids Park (and spent less than 1/2 of the cost of changing the flight!).  As I will be arriving at 4:30 in the afternoon, what is the easiest way to get to the hotel?  I understood the hotel has a shuttle, but not sure as to the times or how to make arrangements to be picked up.

Then, assuming I manage to get to the hotel, I have 4 days on my own.  I anticipate one day at the museum, unrushed, and at least one day with my cameras, tripod, etc. at the Pyramids.  I am going mostly for the photography and having a full day there, by myself with no calls to hurry up is a real bonus.  I will probably be there at first light, leave late morning for lunch and return late afternoon and stay until the sun sets.  For another day, I like the idea of hiring a local guide to show me the city, as we did this in Paris a few years ago and had a great time.  I am assuming the concierge can arrange that.  

Any other suggestions from someone who has been there?



Hi Wes


Recently came back from the Nile Cruise with Exodus and had 1 extra day in Cairo prior to the tour. So dia a bit of research on what to do and where to go. Here are a few tips:

1. Airport to Hotel - get a taxi but please do nto get into the limousone or it will be more expensive. Aim for max 200 E/pounds.

2. At the pyramids, it is pretty packed and even with the group there is time for photos. But nothing beats being there at your own pace and taking the arty pix!

3. There are taxis hanging outside the hotel so very easy to book one for the day or a few hours. We did the Pyramids sound and light show one evening and then got the driver to take us into town to the Khan-el-Khalili bazar. A little rushed if you have 4 women together and trying to bargain AND take photos all in 1 hour!

If you are there for photography, there are beautiful atmospheric shots awaiting there at night. Sisha cafés along narrow alleys, colourful items dislayed, definitely worth the effort and time.

4. Cairo city centre is a major traffic jam so arm yourself with a lot of patience.

5. The concierge in the hotel directed us to teh Hertz desk - which we found very expensive compared to the normal taxis outside, so please check options before you decide.

Hope the above is of use to you. 


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