Pyrenees Snowshoe 20 Dec

Hi, any one else doing this or will I be in solitary for the week?  Done any training? 


Hi ,Julia i have just booked today ... i had trouble getting the flights but i,m sorted now.  This is my first winter holiday and my first christmas away.. i am used to warmer type summer holidays , so i might be in for a culture shock !! It does sound like hard work but i run quite a bit ,i,ve done a few half marathons (slowly) but i think i might up the anti a bit now .. not sure what type of training you need for snowshoeing ?? just general fitness i think ?? ?  not sure whether in should try some beginers skiing first ??

thanks Roy  

Hi Roy and Julie

I'm also going on this trip. I'm slightly worried about my level of fitness as I haven't done much walking recently but play a lot of tennis. I have certainly never tried snowshoeing before so will hope to do some more walking earlier in December.  I have done a bit of skiing but last time I tried downhill skiing, I came back in plaster so was hoping this would be less risky! I've done lots of trips with Exodus before, mostly in the summer or autumn but did do a trip to Patagonia one New Year.


Hi Rhona , you sound like a seasoned veteran , i will be following you blindly. I wouldn,t think it can be that difficult , its not a race ..i think we will travel as a group. I feel this urge to rush out and buy a proper winter skiing jacket / hat /goggles !!  ... I wonder if there is anything planned for xmas day ?? It will seem strange no sitting at home watching the tv!



Hi Roy, Julie, Rhona

Val and I have just received our final joining instructions and flight tickets, and found your email chain on this Forum. We have done snowshoeing once before - nearly 3 years ago at Chamonix - and it was great fun so we are really looking forward to having another go. We're both trying to find some time to get to the gym over the next 3 weeks to get a bit fitter. We're looking forward to our cheese sandwich lunch Christmas Day sitting in the snow - and hopefully a glass or two of wine when we get back!!

We've been on a number of Exodus holidays before and found them all really good. I'm sure this one will be as well. Our last trip was our African safari summer 2007 which seems ages ago. We're looking forward to meeting you all!   Derek S


Hi all - I'm really looking forward to this trip - haven't ever done it before and hope cycling will somehow help in getting-fit-for-snowshoeing. Look forward to meeting you all.



Hi Jeanne - great to hear from you. I'm sure cycling will be a good way to get fit for the holiday! From speaking to the guys at Exodus a couple of weeks ago i think we had 8 or 9 people booked on the trip so there should be a few more other than those of us on this Forum chain. I'm sure it will be good fun and a great way to spend Christmas.  Look forward to meeting you. Derek S

Hello Fellow Travellers

I was just wondering if anyone else is spending 19/12 near Gatwick. I have booked into a nearby B&B and wondered if anyone wanted to meet for a pre-departure evg meal.



Hi Rhona

Val and I are booked into the Gatwick Yotel (in the South Terminal) and will be eating somewhere in the South Terminal, probably about 19.00ish, on the 19 Dec. If you, or any other of our fellow travellers would like to join us that would be great. If so, I can let you have my mobile number to make contact on the day.  Derek S

Hi Derek

Would love to join you and Val at S Terminal. Not sure how far my B+B is from there but I'll be arriving by train from Scotland earlier in the afternoon so could certainly exchange mobile nos. with you and anyone else who will be around.


That's great Rhona. Await hearing from you when you find out where your B&B is!

Anyone else able to meet up at Gatwick the evening before we fly?  Derek S

Hello all

Note I am not alone in wondering about fitness. I go walking about one weekend a month but, not alot more this year. been snowshoeing as one of the activities on the norway multiactivity. nice just to walk on fresh snow where there are no paths. Seems like a chaty group so you can all talk amongst yourselves while I catch up (-:

look forward to meeting you all, may see you at Gatwick. Gordon

Hi Gordon

Glad to hear from another fellow traveller.  I'm sure I will be the tail-end Charlie but hope I won't let the side down! Hoping to go walking this weekend.

Look forward to meeting you.


Hi Derek

I have now discovered that my hotel (Russ Hill) is around 4 - 5 miles from Gatwick and there is a bus which leaves the terminal at 15 mins past each hour. I may be there around 6 p.m. after arriving at King's X around 5 p.m. This may be too early for you and Val to meet me in which case, I'll go straight to the hotel as there is no point in going out more than once. My mobile is 07818 48 1537 in case we can meet up. If I don't hear anything from you, I'll just take an earlier bus and eat at the hotel.

I went walking at the weekend and am now very stiff; think I'll have to jog round the local park for the next few days!!

See you soon.



Hi Rhona - we are aiming to be at Gatwick before 6.00pm so that we can check in and lose our cases so we don't have to take them to the hotel and bring them back again in the morning (not sure if you know you can do this with this Thompson flight and if you're doing that too?). Our timing depends a bit on what the traffic's like on the M25 but suggest we phone you about 6.00ish to see if you've arrived and if there's any chance of meeting up. My mobile is 07943 33 02 88.  Hope we may be able to see you then. Derek

Hi Derek

Thanks for that. I have noted your mobile number. I may leave my luggage at Gatwick overnight but that would presumably be at North rather than South Terminal? Hopefully we can meet up if things work out OK.



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