questions about packing, currency and more


Really looking forward to this trip. This is my first time with Exodus . Anyone out there doing the same trip?

Just a few questions.

Packing for the desert: Any words of wisdom for what to add that is not in our trip notes.

At the airport: What would roughly be the price of a taxi  to our hotel? Do I need currency to exchange or I can just use an ATM.

Anyone staying longer after our trip?




We recommend soft framed rucksacks, which are ideal for trekking by camel, or soft carry-all type bags (such as Exodus bags). Camels just don't like hard suitcases or anything rigid.

Try and wrap everything in plastic bags - especially fragile items that should be wrapped individually. It rarely rains in this part of Morocco, but it can happen and if your down sleeping bag gets wet, it is incredibly infuriating.

Finally, don't bring too much stuff - keep it down to the bare minimum - we do not return to the same hotel afterwards,  so everything you bring has to be carried by camel.

A taxi at the airport is fairly cheap (around £8) or Exodus can arrange a private transfer for you, which is £14 one way.

It is best to take cash (in pounds or dollars) and exchange them for dirhams at the bureau de change at the airport. Then at the end of your trip, you should be able to change the money back to pounds as long as you keep the receipt.

Have a great holiday! Thanks, Amanda

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