Ready for some good cycling weather

Hello my name is Bill and I am from Canada and would like to meet fellow travellers here and on the road. I will be in Saigon on Dec 17th. I will be staying at the Hotel Hunog Sen (the joining place) and would love to meet fellow road warriors, if your around early as well. Can't wait to get back on the bike especially after the crappy summer we had here in southern Ontario.


Hi Bill,

I'm Justin (Davis) and I arrive on the evening of the 18th at the Huong Sen. I'm from the UK, and very much looking forward to this adventure after an extremely damp November here in London. Maybe leave a note for at the hotel desk and we could meet up.


I did the Christmas departure of this holiday last year. Its a great trip (see the Top Gear Vietnam special - they basically go to many of the same places as this trip) but last year we had a week of rain and it was never that hot - we were told that this was unusual, it was warm but heavy (I had puddles in my cycling shoes), so don't forget your waterproofs - hopefully you'll not need them. I still enjoyed the trip, but lets just say I didn't need the suncream I'd taken.


Hi I am going on this trip in December 2009 - arriving on 19 December. My name is Andrew Clay - leave a message for me at reception if you would like to meet up.

I can't wait!



Hi Bill, my name is Carol from the UK and I'm arriving at the Hunog Sen Hotel the morning of the 19th so if you're around would be good to meet up with whoevers already there and knows where everything is.  Really looking forward to the break now....


Is anybody flying out on SQ317 at 10.55 from Heathrow on Friday 18 December? I am on that flight.

I should arrive at the hotel at about 2.30 pm on Saturday 19 December. I would like to go for a wonder about 4.00 pm - meet in reception at that time? You could text me on +447711107911 or email me at [email protected].




OK, well my guidebook says that the Huong Sen has a nice Bar on the roof, with good views of the city. So what about a few drinks ? So see you all at 18:30 on the 19th on the Roof ? I'm buying.


Hi - I am on this trip and arrive in Saigon on the 20th (after a night in KL).  Really looking forward to meeting you all!



Mine is a large Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.




This is what they call wine in Vietnam :


Hi everyone, just able now, to get back to this forum. I arrived today(17th),and have not gotten out of the hotel yet, very posh much nicer then I would normally book on my own. Free wireless no password! is nice bonus . I'll post more after I check out the bar and the rooftop pool. Oh yeah and the town too. Safe flights to all. Bill Talbot, [email protected]

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