Recovering From a Really Bad Back 1

Recovering From a Really Bad Back 1

For those of us who have 'done' our back at some stage, we know it's no joke. There are obviously different degrees of severity, from discomfort and some restriction in movement, to pure agony and no ability to move at all. But they are all quite debilitating and certainly very annoying.

I believe I have what they call a 'sway' back due to poorBelt posture as a kid. It means the spine is a bit too curvy when looked at from the side and there are two weak points at the apex of the curves - one right at the bottom of my back and one in the middle near my shoulder blades.

I have hurt my back quite a few times over the years. Mild instances every year or two, pretty bad instances every five years or so and a couple of severe instances. I had one of the severe ones three weeks ago and wanted to relate the experience of these last few weeks so that others might get some benefit.

I had been sitting at the computer all day at home Burberry Outlet doing various things and went out onto my balcony just before dusk and bent over to light a mosquito coil. Without bending my knees. Bang! The lower back. Down like a bag of spuds. I don't scream very often, but I remember letting out a loud, sharp, ahhhh.

I lay on the balcony floor on my left side, literally unable to move. I knew instantly that this wasn't an average muscle strain or vertebra gone out of whack. Not good. I tried moving a bit one way, a bit the other, hoping that something would click and things would go back to normal. Instead each movement sent unbelievable shooting pain up my back (not down my legs I don't think).

It was scary. Had I herniated a disc? Would I need spinal surgery? Would I need a horrendous laminectomy? Unfortunately I'm living alone and the phone was inside. Beside which I'm in a remote area without any friends or acquaintances.

After about ten minutes of just trying to relax I started making small movements aimed at lifting my upper body so I could reach up and grab the top of the balcony railing. It was painful but I eventually pulled myself to my feet, supporting my back by leaning on the balcony rail.

From there I was able to hobble inside. I had to be hanging on to something at all times. Actually, leaning on something to take the weight off my legs would be a better way of describing it - the balcony rail, kitchen bench, back of the lounge chair. I managed to get to my bed (it's a studio apartment so the bed wasn't too far from the door to the balcony).

Lying down was incredibly difficult as it would normally involve twisting and I also had to stand unassisted to get the last few feet to the bed. I decided the best approach was to fall forwards onto the bed onto my hands and knees and then to fall to my side. Well, falling forward was a big mistake and my back became a mass of pain as soon as my hands hit the bed. All I could do was fall to my side and find a position that eased the pain as fast as I could.

There were only two positions I could lie in that stopped the pain. One on my left side and the other on my right side. Nice to be able to stop the pain, but I spent the next three days on my left or right side and it became terribly uncomfortable. I wondered if bed sores were starting. I did get quite good at swapping sides without too much pain. Lots of very small movements with a few big ones where a major shift was required. The nights were the worst, constantly waking as movements set off the pain.

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