Rio to Buenos Aires

Anyone going on this tour ?

Anyone going on this tour ?



 Just responding to Odette's post - I am going on this tour.  Interested to see who else will be on the same trip.  I am trying to see the Modern Wonders of the World so really looking forward to visiting Brazil.

Best wishes, Anne (nickname Tomi)

Hi Anne and Odette, I am going on this tour and look forward to meeting you both, I wonder how many we shall be, there is probably somewhere on Exodus one can check.  Used to get a printed list of fellow travellers from Exodus!  Didn't see the reply re malaria medication.  I was going to get Malarone which suits me, but am now told that medicated is necessary only for Amazon basin, what does anyone thing? Tina Bailey


Hi Tina

I spoke to a nurse at our surgery and she confirmed Malarone is probably a good idea in the Iguazu falls area - the last few days of our tour.  I have a few left over from another trip so intend going to our surgery today to sort our a few more (think you have to take them on return).  My daughter travelled around Brazil for 6-8 weeks and took nothing during that time, but it depends if you want to chance it or not.  I asked Nomadic Travel (who arranged my trip for me) and the last I heard there's about 9 on the trip.  This may well have changed since then though. Not long now - look forward to meeting everyone.  Anne/Tomi (my nickname)

Hello Anne and Tina,

I always check on the Center for Disease Control website in Atlanta, Georgia and speak with a nurse at one of our local travel clinics. Malarone is recommended for the state of Amazonas but travel literature states that it is not necessary for the Pantanal area. However, November is the rainy season - more mosquitoes - which may or may not increase the risk. I have therefore decided to bring a dozen tablets (one daily 1-2 days prior to entering a malaria- endemic area, one daily during the stay and for seven days after leaving the area).

A group of approximately nine is ideal. See you next week !!

Tina Bailey


Hi Odette, Tomi, Anne, and Tina,

Getting really excited!!! Does anyone know how many people we will be? I'll be joining the London group in Madrid (hopefully, only 1 hour transfer time) and my friend Joanna will meet us in Rio. This makes 6 ladies  so far. Looking forward to meeting you all!!!


Hello ladies,

I arrived in Rio this afternoon, at the Imperial Hotel in Catete. Weather cloudy but warm - 25C predicted for tomorrow. Have booked the day tour of the city for tomorrow. On Friday and Saturday I plan to visit Leblon, Ipanema and Copacobana. Looking forward to meeting all of you.



Hi Odette

You are very lucky arriving early to enjoy the city.  I will be travelling up to London tomorrow for flight to   Rio via Spain on Saturday - a long flight with the tour starting almost right away.  I plan to do the tour to see Christ the Redeemer as an optional extra (one of my main reasons for visiting Brazil).  Look forward to meeting up with everyone.  Best wishes Anne

PS (to clarify my nickname is Tomi - from my maiden name 'Thompson'). 

Did the fullday tour of the city yesterday. Definitely recommend it - it includes the Cristo Redentor on Corovado Mountain. Today I walked the beaches of Copacobana and Ipanema and booked a tour of the famous favelas (slums) for tomorrow. Met our tour guide Ezequiel this afternoon- an Argentinian from Bariloche - a sweet young man. There will be 12 of us on this tour.


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