Sahara Desert Trek


Is anyone going on this trip leaving on Saturday 18th? If so let me know as it would be good to look out for you at Heathrow...!



I am going on 18 Feb. Will be delighted to meet at LHR.

I am concerned about temperature in Sahara at night at moment. Seems to be down to freezing but might be gettting warmer next week, hope so.

Have you done this sort of trip before? 

Hello! Looking forward to meeting you.

I did a camping trip to Namibia and Botswana a couple of years ago, similar in that it was desert camping but we had proper campsites then so toilets and running water! That was in summer and it was unbelievably cold at night even when it had been 30 degrees in the day - not sure if it will be the same here but I am going to take many more thermals than I did last time! Also I was pleased to have some shoes that weren't my walking boots or sandals for the evenings. Another massive fail was that I wear contact lenses and hadn't anticipated the effect of sand on them, so will be making sure to take prescriptions sunglasses this time. There ends my desert camping wisdom!


The last trip I did with Exodus was in a boat around southern Turkey. Very hot and the other members of the group  were great fun.  I have never been into the desert so this will be my first time. Having read some other comments about the trip, it could be basic, but that is part of the attraction. I dont think I will be taking anything of any value with me but will concentrating on essentials for survival such as warm clothing for nights etc.

A bit nearer the time, we must arrange to meet at LHR and travel together. I would be delighted if others on the trip were to join us. 

Yes, I think the embracing the basic is going to be key! Hope the packing's going okay, I haven't really started properly yet :-S

Re meeting at LHR, should we arrange a particular place/time? Or swap mobile numbers...? Or look shiftily at others with Exodus baggage labels...!



I have discovered some comments on page 4 of the  'In Focus' section of the Community. Not well signposted at all but quite interesting.

With regards to meeting at LHR, take off is at 16.45 so I propose checking in at about 14.30. I will then hang around checkin desk (looking shifty!) and only go through at about 15.00. 

Night time temperatures are improving with 7/8 C predicted.

Excellent - will aim to hang around at 2.30ish as well, should be there okay bus-permitting.

Wow, 7C is balmy!

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