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neil from sheffield any one else on this trip ?

I am on the same trip.

Would be good to chat about the trip and if possible meet up in an outbound airport 


 Hi  gemma


Looking forward to meeting you and everyone. a few of us on the last trip met up a the airport

For a couple of drinks before the flight its a good idea !!

Not long now and we will be up to the eyes in sand J . if its half as good as the other

Exadus trips iv been on were in for a good time   

p.s i spent a few days in the desert a few years ago im only takeing things i dont mind getting loppy  

I look forward to meeting you for a drink in teh airport.  Where are you flying from?

I am flying Manchester to Heathrow then joining group flight.

Thought I might try to travel light on this hol and see if I can get away with just hand luggage?  Not sure if this will be possible with the sleeping bag but we will see when I get everything in a pile.

On your previous trip into the dessert was there anything that you needed that isn't mensioned on the trip notes?  

The weather currently looks warmer than the notes predicted - not sure if thermal will be needed, we will see


Hi  Gemma


I’m driving down from Sheffield to meet the group flight at Heathrow.

As for the hand luggage thing. I love to traval  light ! but as we all have the same

Kit bags from exadus and we all are on group transfers cant see any real benefit from hand luggage only ? as all our kit is transferd for us . we only need a day sack on trek 

As for the trip notes they pretty much cover it on the stuff to take. it does get cold at night !!!! might have to dance around the camp fire to keep warm  :) 

see ya soon



I'm also on the trip this Saturday.  Have you guys arranged anywhere to meet at the airport yet? I'm getting the Flight Coach down, which gets in about 1:30.   I'm a little worried about all the talk of packing light- as I've a massive pile of stuff on the spare bed at the moment!

 Anyway-  looking forward to seeing you all soon.





How about meeting at the bridge bar ? It's in terminal 4 after security ( it's the only bar anyway ) I'm getting to the airport about 1pm depending on traffic il be wearing a false nose and carrying a pink carnation ! May be not red jacket 6ft and no hair ! Can't miss

See you Saturday



It sounds like you will both be there before me as I fly into T5 at ~2pm.

Sounds like a great idea to meet in the bar, look forward to seing you there. 



I'm coming on this too, albeit starting to get a bit worried about some of the stuff spilling over from Algeria/ Mali. FCO advice for Tunisia hasn't changed though. Fingers crossed.

 I'll aim to get to the Bridge Bar too - good idea - looking forward to meeting you all! Should be there for around 2ish, as coming over from SE London.

Weather permitting I will see you all in the bar tomorrow. Safe journeys.

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