San Francisco


Looking forward to this trip. Would be interested to hear from anyone going particularu if you are going to San Francisco a couple of days early like myself? 



We are on it - Mike & Janet; and we're also going a few days early!

Very relieved to get a guaranteed holiday!  Are you staying at the Americana? I'm going out on the Thursday morning. I shall look out for you.


Hi all
I get to San fran on thursday morning so if you fancy grabbing a beer on thursday or Friday then please let me know. I can be reached at [email protected]

See you soon



We'll be leaving the UK on Thurs the 28th (I think), and staying at the Americana, arriving there mid afternoon as I recall. A beer or 2 sounds good and I'll be in touch...




Hi Mike.

A couple of beers sounds good but I have my dates completely mixed up and I'm actually on the same trip the month earlier.

Sorry for the mix up.


I'm flying out frm Manchester arriving late Thurs 28th and staying at the Americana. Probably too tired for drinks Thursday but Friday good! Chrissie


I'm arriving late too on Thursday night but on a flight from Heathrow expect to get to SF about 10pm. I need to do some reading up on SF as will have 2 days there. Have been advised to book Alcatraz in advance. Are you better than me and have done your homework? Enid 

Hi Enid, no haven't done my homework but have been to SF once before and loved it. I'm a bit vague about specifics - it was a while ago - and it wasn't peak season, so didn't need to pre-book Alcatraz... it's defo worth a visit. Are you staying at Americania... I'll probably be arriving about the same time as yrself

Chrissie, I'm staying there too. Seemed the easier option. Had a look at what else there's to do in SF - and there's lots not sure Alcatraz is a priority for me! Shame we're not on the same flight we could have shared a taxi. My flight is via New York. Enid

Enid, I'm going via Las Vegas. Have booked Lorries shuttle from airport.. If the weather's good I will probably be lazy by the pool as I've seen many of the sights, but let me know what you decide to do - [email protected]  I would happily ride the cable cars and see Golden Gate bridge again... or are we doing those as part of the holiday? Would like to join you for eating in evening if that's ok with you? Hotel area seems to have  a bit of a reputation!

Hi all,

Looking forward to meeting you next weekend. Chrissie and I are planning to meet up for a meal Fri / Sat - if anyone else is in the hotel early you are welcome to join us for or to meet up for a drink. Enid

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