Seeking other Adventurers for 20June2011 ATM Trip

Hi Folks,

Can't believe I'm the first to login for the 20June2011 Lycian Activity Week.  Perhaps this will encourage others to say 'hello'.

A few extra facts I've picked up from talking to Exodus staff:

 We stay at Hotel Oreo, 5 minutes from the sea front, but a stiff climb back after an evening out!  A friendly hotel in a quiet part of town - except for the nearby mosque (take earplugs if you don't want an early call!)

The hotel has free wi-fi in the reception and pool areas.

 Our group consists of 14, to date, described as a good mix of mainly singles.  There will be another Exodus group in the hotel who are on a kayaking week.

Right, enough for now - I'll be looking out for Exodus labels in the departure lounge.

Here's to a great week for all of us,

 Chris V. 


Hi - I am one of the others on the kayaking week. 

First holiday on my own so a bit nervous, but getting exciting now.

Flying from gatwick.




You'll love it.  No need to be nervous.  Usually a good bunch of fellow travellers.

I usually plan and travel alone.  But I must be getting lazy in my old age - This is my 2nd Exodus trip this year and my 3rd led holiday in 2 years.  I tend to go off and 'do my own thing if I want solitude, but it's always good to have someone to chat with in the evening (though group meals tend to go on a bit).

I'm going from Gatwick too - TOM862 0755hr 20Jun11 - so prob the same as you.

See you there. 


Thanks chris. 

i am flying down from Glasgow tomorrow and staying overnight at gatwick.

See you there!



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