serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar - dept 28/08

Hi there, my sister amd I are booked on this trip! We're both getting very excited!!!! Not long to go! It would be lovely to hear from anyone else who is going!!!


Hi Vick,

I am going to Killy on 5th sep, I've had a posting since May with no replies. Would also love to get in contact with others on trip and find out who they are and what they are doing for prep. I've managed to get in contact with another and we're meeting up this weekend to climb the welsh 15. In 2 weeks time off to Mont Blanc for some altitude training. What have you been doing



Hi Jim,

Maybe w'e climbing it at the same time as i have a few days on a Safari 1st!!

Sounds like you're doing alot of preparation!! I havent got to the hill walking stage! Have been trying to increase my fitness level though!!

 I've never done anything like this before!!


Hi Victoria,

the trip I am doing is Mt Meru, which is in a game park, then on to Kilimanjaro. I've check your program and we nearly meet up on the 8/ 9th we you would of completed killy and I will be setting off. What preparation have you been doing? tell me a bit about you and sister on [email protected]

look forward to your reply



me and my friend Mark are booked on to this trip. A bit last minute as only booked it recently and as such we have done zero training! However, i don't think you have to be super fit.

We are also really looking to it, i think i am most looking forward to climbing Kili, but the whole holiday sounds great. We have starting some fitness training, we have starting running...well jogging! so hopefully our fitness levels will be ok.

We won't be on the same flight as we booked late and there were no available seats on the plane so we are flying out one day earlier.

good luck with prep



Hi David,

Not long to go!

I haven't done much training either. Trying to some CVS 3-4 times a week but haven't got to doing much hill walking! I did 10 miles over the south downs the other day and it killed me!!! Oh well hopefully we can all encourage each other!!

I'm gradually getting all the gear and getting my vaccinations! Didnt realise ow much i needed!!

 Getting really excited, but also bit scared!



I had my jabs a couple of weeks ago now. luckily i already had my yellow fever so that was one i didn't need. Me and Mark are off to the Lakes the weekend before to get some practice in and make sure our boots fit!

 I think you are right, we will all have to encourage everyone, i have heard the last day especially. But just think about relaxing on the beach in Zanzibar, the beach will never have felt so good.




Hi all

There is a lot of us 'Kili Trekers' on this site trying to contact others in they group. I've be in touch with most of you traveling to Kili in Aug, Sep and Oct. As there are a couple of us going to North wales to climb Snowdon on Sat 14 Aug, arriving the friday night and camping out. Sunday will look at Tryfan another lovely walk/climb. Therefore I would love to get as many Kili Trekers together to do some walking and talking. If you are insterested e-mail me on [email protected] I think it would be great to get everyone together and discuss 'Kili'

Hear from you Jim

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